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Great night at Chique.

Our last Thursday at Nuevo Chique, but not our last visit, that will be Tuesday. Again the crowd is different, but more sympathetic. Viv only sat out when she wanted a rest and I never got the chance. I tried to sit out Pugliese, as I do, but I got such a hard stare it was impossible to stay seated. So we danced solid for three and a half hours.

By this time we had enough and it was time to leave. Viv had invited Jack for a drink on Tuesday after our last milonga, but he had the date mixed up and had asked his girlfriend to meet us tonight. Viv had her one piece play suit on, impossible to go to the toilet, so it could get interesting.

We retired to the Congreso Plaza and ordered drinks, Jack needed some food as well. Funny how time flies when you have good company. It was nearly ten by the time we left. We had sorted out the world banking, the arms race, and the presidential elections. Having put the world to rights, it was time to seek out our bus.

We walked out to see two 151s and a 90 disappear past congresso. I thought we were in for a long wait, especially as it was now ten o’clock. In the end though we waited only five minutes or so.

Back home by ten fifteen and Viv had managed to hold out, despite a bottle of water a glass of champagne and a litre of beer. A heroic effort.


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Jolly time at Philippe’s

More posting today, I swear that Viv is keeping Coreo Argentino in business on her own. A pity then that they cannot deliver our mail, hey ho.

A few more odds and sods then we were off to Nuevo Chique. Funny how you have a good day followed by a bad one. I had so many missed cabeceos and few missed tandas. Viv was having a bad time as well. We intended staying later today but it was just not happening so we went off for a coffee.

We came out for our colectivo and non were running, not past here anyway, so we walked over to the Gormont. Seems that there was some sort of demonstration going on and the road was closed off here as well. At times like these it helps to know your way around. The Callao subte was only eight blocks away now. Down below and the demonstration was continuing on the platform. As I feared, they have no political patience here and were screaming for Macri to go and Christina to return. The trouble is everyone was now using the subte and it was packed, but we squeezed on and got back safely.

As we turned down Salguero two 151’s passed us, both empty. I had no idea of the route they would have taken, but then looking at the passenger numbers, not many did.

Off to Philippe’s tonight for dinner, so we stopped at the new helederia on Guardia. The frontage is wide open but the counter is like a bank. Solid plate glass with speakers to talk to the customers.

At Philippe’s we could get no answer, it was not as if we were early. Soon though we saw Luba and Philippe walking up the road. “He’s not here” I shouted to Luba. Philippe had put  on a good spread and we managed to polish off the two bottles of Stout, made an impression on the red wine and I am not sure about the white. Meanwhile Luba drank only  water as she was driving.  So we left in quite a jolly mood, good job it is only four blocks away. 550 metres according to Google.

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Dia de mujer

You know how there is never a bus when you want one, then three arrive at once? Well it is the same here with the colectivos. I looked out from my balcony this morning and there were  three number 92’s.  Not that unusual here, but before they had cleared the next set of lights there were another two. Someone who missed that last one was going to have one hell of a wait.

As usual we took the subte down to Uraguay. They have new trains on this line, very clean and air conditioned, but designed by a moron. There are twelve seats in each carriage and no where to hang on to. Yes you can lean on the seat backs and there is a pole between the doors, but it just means everyone has to hang around the doors. Come rush hour and you just cannot get on. Like I said, designed by a moron.

Back to Nuevo Chique today and it is international women’s day. There was going to be a demo and live music and Vivi La Falce was doing the music. Too much messing about for me, but no doubt, we would be gone before it all kicks off. Nice change to have Vivi doing the music though.

Met another of my followers here. It is always nice to meet people who read my stuff although mostly my advice will suit someone a bit older, I help where I can. Had some interesting dances today. I gave Margarita the secret of youth (not for publishing) and got introduced to one of the taxi dancers who regularly attends. Juancarlos was his name, I called him Rey de España. Another lady asked about my recent gardening, wanted to know if I was growing potatoes, on a balcony? I ask you.

As I said we left before all the demos and went for a coffee at Congresso. We came out and saw someone with his hand out at our bus stop.  Good timing there we jumped straight on. it was just as well we did not miss it, we came up Rivadavia in formation with three other 151 colectivos.

We stopped off for some bread at the chino and I could not resist a bottle of San Telmo Malbec. Bread and wine, was something religious going on here?

As it was day of the woman Viv wanted treating as well so I went for some Ice cream. There was a policeman in there having a drink of water. Ken and the policeman were talking way too fast for me, but when I asked them to slow down he asked what part of Brazil I was from. “Not Brazil? what part of Portugal then?” My castillano must be better than I thought, he was quite shocked when I told him I was from Wales.

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Just an illusion?

There is something comforting in eggy bread. A reminder of childhood and days when food was scarce. I suppose that is what it was, only two eggs left so Viv did some magic with them. Still it was a nice change for a lunch time snack.

I had spent the morning servicing the air con and we were all out of things that needed doing, so a bit of comfort food was just the ticket.

As I was showering ready to go out the door intercom buzzed. I answered to hear the ropa lady going on and on. I had a bag of clothes but I was not coming down without clothes on. I tried to tell her to come to the front of the building, I could throw the bag from the balcony. She would not shut up long enough to listen. Some people need to remember we were born with two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that order. I left her ranting and went to get dressed.

Was it an illusion? or were the women outnumbered today at Nuevo Chique? Certainly Viv never missed a tanda and I struggled a few times. It is a happy state of affairs though, if Viv is getting dances I don’t get earache. We stayed later than usual which was a bonus. The start was a bit quiet, but it picked up in stages so that there was always someone new to dance with.

We still don’t have the stamina though, three hours was enough. Time for a coffee before catching our colectivo home.

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The milonga suit gets aired

There is a general strike tomorrow and I am still unsure how it will affect us. Viv has had to change her shopping order for when we return, just in case we are delayed. I have also had to warn my airport taxi that I may not be on the flight from Paris. I am just hoping that the chaos has cleared by Wednesday when we fly.

I finally dug out my milonga suit as this may be our despidida. We plan on going to Chique tomorrow, but who knows who will be there? Meanwhile we are off to Obalisco. The subte is running normally today thankfully as we take three trains. Funny how every station we arrive in the train has just left. We are later today anyway as Viv wanted to wash the towels, so we did not get the best seats.

Viv never missed a tanda which made me happy, but you should have seen the faces of the women when they saw my suit. I felt like telling them it’s only a washable business suit, but they just loved it. One lady I danced with said “bailando con un novio” I told her if it was a wedding suit I would have had a flower. Still it was nice to be appreciated.

The little lady on the next table had her birthday, so I was up in a flash for her birthday dance. How different to all those years ago when Gloria had to almost force me up. Just to make things even better there was cake for everyone as well. Well everyone except Viv, somehow she had been missed.  I searched and found a spare piece on Graciela’s table and took it to Viv. Next tanda Jong also brought her a piece. That’s what you get for complaining. Two pieces of cake.

Viv drew my ticket out for the sorteo. They have one here where people buy tickets and all the money goes in to the prize. There were less people here today but I still got $240, covered my entrada, drinks and some.

When we left we said goodbye to Gabriela and her daughter and promised to return next year. We left them with my email and facebook, but Gabriela is already on my friends list, so I don’t expect too much.

Now for that no90 colectivo and hop off at Corrientes for some Ice-cream for an after dinner treat.

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Ghost town

It’s still a feria so everywhere is quiet. We enjoyed a long lie in with little traffic to disturb us, it was bliss.

Taking the subte down to Uraguay we had to wait seven minutes because it was feria service. but still it is a good service. We got out the other end and were amazed how quiet the roads were. It felt like the place was turning into a Ghost town, that is until we saw traffic coming the wrong way, it seems they had been directed this way to avoid the closed roads. We found it easy to move with everywhere so quiet, that was until we reached 25 Mayo. The road was completely blocked with processions and murga bands and just noise. Fortunately up from Uruguay was just audience, so although we struggled, we managed to get through all the pushchairs and people just standing around. Once through though and we had a clear run again. We debated whether the day would mean an empty milonga or a full one, there was no telling. Sometimes people go away and sometimes the go out, which would it be tonight?

San Jose was empty even the cartoneros and their mess were absent. Nuevo Chique was packed though, it was not too bad at first but soon every available seat was filled and it was near impossible to cabeceo. If I managed to get in early it was ok but once everyone was up dancing it was impossible. I sat out a couple of tandas simply because I could not see over the floor. Still we had a good night and Viv hardly sat down, which is also good. Dancing was difficult though, there was just enough space for someone always to be competing for the same spot. I managed to keep a good movement going, but was not immune to some careless dancer crashing into me, from my blind side.

Talking of blind side, I was proud of Viv. She got a blind guy up to dance and he really seemed to be enjoying it. She said “He was strong, so it was hard to lead him, while still following”. A tricky act, but shows how far she has come. I hope she will try again with the guy who comes to El Arranque.

We had decided that we would eat around constitution, but changed our minds and instead, decided on the Old Woman. At the bus stop there was no sign of a colectivo, no 90, no 168 and no 151. So after a short wait we headed off towards Callao and the subte. Viv worried that we might miss a bus as soon as we walked, but we were crossing constitution and would meet it the other side, if it came. Needless to say, no bus passed.

We had our bondalinas again, and again they were “muy rico”. You just gotta love Guarda La Vieja.

Off to bed again with full stomachs.

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Día Nacional de la Verdad y la Memoria

There is a bitter irony here. The President is trying hard to make the world see “Las Malvinas son Argentinas” without much success thankfully, even her plans to put it on all the busses has not got off the ground. Nobody seems to notice that without the defeat at the Falklands, the military Junta would not have collapsed. (Well not at that point anyway)

So although many hundreds, sadly, lost their lives, probably thousands more would have joined “The Missing” had it not taken place. History would have taken a different turn and perhaps the Kirchners never would have been in power and, who knows? Maybe there would still not be democracy here.

Also a day of memory for “The Lost” from the days of the Junta, sponsored by Christina, seems, to me, a bit pointless without proper investigations into “The Lost” and their missing descendants, and a tad Ironic while still sabre rattling over the Falklands.

There are two massive sores in the Argentine psych, both of which Christina seems to relish picking at. This is a great country, but it could be so much better if only wounds were allowed to heal.

Funny enough for a bank holiday there are two men outside working down a manhole. I never noticed this before, the electric, the drains, the gas, all services have to smash up the pavements to do their work. Today I find that only the telephone people have the foresight to put tubes in the ground connecting a network of manholes, and they work on bank holidays. Someone should remind me next time I have a go at the telephone people.

We arrived at Obalisco early expecting it to be crowded and certainly even at this early hour many seats are occupied. The first hour was a disaster for Viv, I danced with her more often than I should, hoping that no one noticed. Apart from Jon I was the only dance she got. Funny how the crowd changes though and it got much better for her. Not for the Lady sitting next to her though. She was an Argentine who has lived most of her life in Miami. I had a dance with her, but she left shortly afterwards, not having the benefit of a partner to occasionally make her less of a wallflower. Two dances in three hours in three hours, she had good reason to feel miffed.

We stayed on until after the sorteo, Viv missed the $500 by one number, but a miss is as good as a mile. We were lucky with the colectivo on this feria day, a 90 arrived not long after we did, and we had a seat all the way back to Guardia Vieja.

We dropped our shoes off and headed for Imaginario. There was going to be a live band tonight called El Doblado and we had arranged to meet some friends. It was however still early and we wanted some food first.

We wondered where the band would perform and had a look around. Then I noticed some sounds coming from the cellar, but it appears we were not allowed down there. Soon they had struck up and were rehearsing at full volume. We decided that we were in the best place to listen. I think they had their volume set to 13.

We enjoyed an almost full concert, but when 22:00 arrived it was quiet down there. Mauricio arrived with an American friend Antonio, but there was no sign of Kym. Philippe, it seems, thought it was Sunday today and was with friends. Mauricio was enjoying sending him messages in French, but he would not be coming either.

Probably just as well, as the band did not strike up again until quarter to twelve, by which time we had, had enough and were ready to go. It looked like they were charging at the top of the stairs, to go down and see the band, and I did not feel like paying whatever it was, for just five minutes. It was long past our bedtime and so we decided to leave, we said our goodbyes on the corner.

We enjoyed an unusually quiet traffic free nights sleep.

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