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The milonga suit gets aired

There is a general strike tomorrow and I am still unsure how it will affect us. Viv has had to change her shopping order for when we return, just in case we are delayed. I have also had to warn my airport taxi that I may not be on the flight from Paris. I am just hoping that the chaos has cleared by Wednesday when we fly.

I finally dug out my milonga suit as this may be our despidida. We plan on going to Chique tomorrow, but who knows who will be there? Meanwhile we are off to Obalisco. The subte is running normally today thankfully as we take three trains. Funny how every station we arrive in the train has just left. We are later today anyway as Viv wanted to wash the towels, so we did not get the best seats.

Viv never missed a tanda which made me happy, but you should have seen the faces of the women when they saw my suit. I felt like telling them it’s only a washable business suit, but they just loved it. One lady I danced with said “bailando con un novio” I told her if it was a wedding suit I would have had a flower. Still it was nice to be appreciated.

The little lady on the next table had her birthday, so I was up in a flash for her birthday dance. How different to all those years ago when Gloria had to almost force me up. Just to make things even better there was cake for everyone as well. Well everyone except Viv, somehow she had been missed.  I searched and found a spare piece on Graciela’s table and took it to Viv. Next tanda Jong also brought her a piece. That’s what you get for complaining. Two pieces of cake.

Viv drew my ticket out for the sorteo. They have one here where people buy tickets and all the money goes in to the prize. There were less people here today but I still got $240, covered my entrada, drinks and some.

When we left we said goodbye to Gabriela and her daughter and promised to return next year. We left them with my email and facebook, but Gabriela is already on my friends list, so I don’t expect too much.

Now for that no90 colectivo and hop off at Corrientes for some Ice-cream for an after dinner treat.


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Ghost town

It’s still a feria so everywhere is quiet. We enjoyed a long lie in with little traffic to disturb us, it was bliss.

Taking the subte down to Uraguay we had to wait seven minutes because it was feria service. but still it is a good service. We got out the other end and were amazed how quiet the roads were. It felt like the place was turning into a Ghost town, that is until we saw traffic coming the wrong way, it seems they had been directed this way to avoid the closed roads. We found it easy to move with everywhere so quiet, that was until we reached 25 Mayo. The road was completely blocked with processions and murga bands and just noise. Fortunately up from Uruguay was just audience, so although we struggled, we managed to get through all the pushchairs and people just standing around. Once through though and we had a clear run again. We debated whether the day would mean an empty milonga or a full one, there was no telling. Sometimes people go away and sometimes the go out, which would it be tonight?

San Jose was empty even the cartoneros and their mess were absent. Nuevo Chique was packed though, it was not too bad at first but soon every available seat was filled and it was near impossible to cabeceo. If I managed to get in early it was ok but once everyone was up dancing it was impossible. I sat out a couple of tandas simply because I could not see over the floor. Still we had a good night and Viv hardly sat down, which is also good. Dancing was difficult though, there was just enough space for someone always to be competing for the same spot. I managed to keep a good movement going, but was not immune to some careless dancer crashing into me, from my blind side.

Talking of blind side, I was proud of Viv. She got a blind guy up to dance and he really seemed to be enjoying it. She said “He was strong, so it was hard to lead him, while still following”. A tricky act, but shows how far she has come. I hope she will try again with the guy who comes to El Arranque.

We had decided that we would eat around constitution, but changed our minds and instead, decided on the Old Woman. At the bus stop there was no sign of a colectivo, no 90, no 168 and no 151. So after a short wait we headed off towards Callao and the subte. Viv worried that we might miss a bus as soon as we walked, but we were crossing constitution and would meet it the other side, if it came. Needless to say, no bus passed.

We had our bondalinas again, and again they were “muy rico”. You just gotta love Guarda La Vieja.

Off to bed again with full stomachs.

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Día Nacional de la Verdad y la Memoria

There is a bitter irony here. The President is trying hard to make the world see “Las Malvinas son Argentinas” without much success thankfully, even her plans to put it on all the busses has not got off the ground. Nobody seems to notice that without the defeat at the Falklands, the military Junta would not have collapsed. (Well not at that point anyway)

So although many hundreds, sadly, lost their lives, probably thousands more would have joined “The Missing” had it not taken place. History would have taken a different turn and perhaps the Kirchners never would have been in power and, who knows? Maybe there would still not be democracy here.

Also a day of memory for “The Lost” from the days of the Junta, sponsored by Christina, seems, to me, a bit pointless without proper investigations into “The Lost” and their missing descendants, and a tad Ironic while still sabre rattling over the Falklands.

There are two massive sores in the Argentine psych, both of which Christina seems to relish picking at. This is a great country, but it could be so much better if only wounds were allowed to heal.

Funny enough for a bank holiday there are two men outside working down a manhole. I never noticed this before, the electric, the drains, the gas, all services have to smash up the pavements to do their work. Today I find that only the telephone people have the foresight to put tubes in the ground connecting a network of manholes, and they work on bank holidays. Someone should remind me next time I have a go at the telephone people.

We arrived at Obalisco early expecting it to be crowded and certainly even at this early hour many seats are occupied. The first hour was a disaster for Viv, I danced with her more often than I should, hoping that no one noticed. Apart from Jon I was the only dance she got. Funny how the crowd changes though and it got much better for her. Not for the Lady sitting next to her though. She was an Argentine who has lived most of her life in Miami. I had a dance with her, but she left shortly afterwards, not having the benefit of a partner to occasionally make her less of a wallflower. Two dances in three hours in three hours, she had good reason to feel miffed.

We stayed on until after the sorteo, Viv missed the $500 by one number, but a miss is as good as a mile. We were lucky with the colectivo on this feria day, a 90 arrived not long after we did, and we had a seat all the way back to Guardia Vieja.

We dropped our shoes off and headed for Imaginario. There was going to be a live band tonight called El Doblado and we had arranged to meet some friends. It was however still early and we wanted some food first.

We wondered where the band would perform and had a look around. Then I noticed some sounds coming from the cellar, but it appears we were not allowed down there. Soon they had struck up and were rehearsing at full volume. We decided that we were in the best place to listen. I think they had their volume set to 13.

We enjoyed an almost full concert, but when 22:00 arrived it was quiet down there. Mauricio arrived with an American friend Antonio, but there was no sign of Kym. Philippe, it seems, thought it was Sunday today and was with friends. Mauricio was enjoying sending him messages in French, but he would not be coming either.

Probably just as well, as the band did not strike up again until quarter to twelve, by which time we had, had enough and were ready to go. It looked like they were charging at the top of the stairs, to go down and see the band, and I did not feel like paying whatever it was, for just five minutes. It was long past our bedtime and so we decided to leave, we said our goodbyes on the corner.

We enjoyed an unusually quiet traffic free nights sleep.

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Happy new Tap

After my morning shop, I found a mail for Philippe In the foyer, so I contacted him to tell him it was here. He was in the area and arrived about an hour later. We sat and chatted for a while and he told me that he had replaced the leaking tap before. He also told me what it cost him. Well it may be outside my budget, but it was a lot less than I would pay at home. So after he had left and Viv had gone off to Yoga, I took a trip to Easy.

Finding the taps was anything but Easy, not with the kitchen fittings but with the bathroom. The prices were very variable, anything up to $3000, far too much for me. I did find one at $700, with a 20% discount and then a further reduction. Well that will ding dang do for me. I wanted one with a fixed spout as that is where the old one leaked, but at least the spout had a separate entry so would be easier to repair. I then saw it had a ten-year Guarantee, probably not worth the paper it is not written on, but it has got to be better than the year that the last tap lasted.

I got home, fitted it without any problems or leaks, Viv was very happy when she returned. I also finally found out how to strip the base of the old tap.  Any takers for a second-hand mixer tap?

Anyway Viv was so happy we went for a celebration Jugo and tarta manzana, at Naranjo y Flor. Then we just sat in the sun for a while.

Off to Lo de Celia tonight for a change. We have not been since our first week, hopefully we will meet up with Janis this time. We spent a few happy hours talking and dancing. We even met Pauline and Geoff, who had decided to give it a try tonight. Unfortunately they had arrived early an left before I had a chance to dance with Pauline.

I am sorry but I still cannot see the appeal of this place, still we had a good night, and managed to catch up with Janis.

I never actually managed to say goodbye though. I saw the lights were in our favour and rushed across Humberto Primero, Janis stayed on the side. I had to satisfy myself with a wave. Never mind I am sure we will meet up again before we leave. We caught our 151 home and then Viv said she would not be able to sleep, so we popped over to Imaginario for some stout before bed.

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More bondalinas

Well while Viv was doing her yoga, I went to pay the electric bill. On the way there was a number 62 colectivo stopped on Corrienetes. There was a policeman standing by the open door and I could see what looked like someone lying on the floor.  Not sure what was happening but on the way back I got a better look, it looked now like a lady sitting on the floor. Maybe collapsed and now recovering, I guess I will never know, but nothing is quick here and she had been there for more time than I had spent in the Correo, so it was more than just a slip.

We took the subte down to Nuevo Chique again and managed to arrive early. I don’t fully understand why but when we arrive early I have trouble getting dances, Viv however did not miss a tanda. So I suppose it was all to the good.

Carlos Stasi was there promoting his new milonga on a Saturday night, Porteño y Bailerin comes to Casa Galicia. Not sure if we will be going though, with only two Saturdays left, it is a bit late to start a new milonga.

Graciela arrived late, and said something about work. “It’s a dirty word” I said in between her machine gun Spanish. I understand more of what she says each time, but at this speed I will never get it all. Still she is always entertaining.

Pauine and Geoff were there and suggested we go for a meal with them. I was not sure as Viv had some Gambas defrosting, but when she said it was ok we decided to go with them. Geoff was all for going at quarter past seven, but I said that nowhere opens until eight here so we stayed on. We nearly missed though as we had a mix up paying for the drinks and left before them. all was ok though when we met outside.

The place they took us had a lot of meals that were to share, and so, going on last nights experience we had the bondelinas. They did not quite have the same flavour (no teriyaki you see) but it was more than made up for in volume.  We were well stuffed by the time we had finished and I could not even finish Pauline’s potatoes. Interesting place, it is like your Grannies dinning room, even had an old Singer Sewing machine.

We left Pauline and Geoff on 25th Mayo and went off for our bus. Of course there was a 151 already at the lights, no chance of getting that. We had to wait a while for a 90 and walk an extra half block.

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I forgot to add, our 151 took a strange route home last night. It turned left off Entre Rios and up Venezuela. I am not sure why it did this but it caused quite some confusion. Many of the passengers had their smartphones on GPS mode trying to work out where we were.

Surely it is not that difficult, we were all the time parallel with Rivadavia, the numbers will correspond and we crossed all the streets that terminate there. Still I suppose it was easy for me, we joined Rivadavia at Virray Lineas and then it was right into Salguero, so I had no extra navigation to do.

It is however a mystery why the colectivos divert so often.


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For the best food, go to the old lady

I was dreading the next electric bill, after all we have used the air con almost non stop this last month. It came through the door this morning  and there it was our bill two months with full use of the air con $32.85 a little over £1.50. You just can’t figure it.

We spent the morning sitting in the sun, but had to come inside every so often just to dry off the sweat. The forecast said 27 deg but it was much hotter in the sun.

We took the subte to Obalisco again, it is so much easier even though we have to change twice. This time however we were left waiting in Jujuy station for quite some time. I don’t know what happened but three trains passed in the opposite direction while we waited, still the whole journey from our flat to Obalisco only took forty minutes, we have waited longer for a colectivo.

It looked a whole different crowd again and we both had some difficulties getting dances. It was not one of our worst nights by any means, but Viv looses patience easily these days. Still we stopped for the sorteo which we did not win then took the 151 home.

We went up washed up and headed out again. There is a confiteria on Gascon but when we got there it looked like the fine food we had before was just a breakfast menu so we walked back down Humahuaca in the hope of finding a Chilean restaurant. we found it, but it was not yet open. We knew that Imaginario would not be open Monday or the place with the two surly girls so we headed for Guarda la Vieja.

We were determined not to have empanadas again so we searched the menu. We saw Bondalinas de Teriyaki and asked the waiter what it was he said “Carne” then said “Cerdo”. So that was it then Stout and Bondalinas.

Well we have had some expensive meals, some rubbish meals and some good meals, but this was the best we have yet had and the whole lot with drinks and tip $240 or £12 for those who have not been paying attention. I just don’t know why we ever try anywhere else.


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