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Near and far

Firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this post. I had eight days off and decided to spend Easter in Christchurch near Bournemouth. We like the area a lot, but also it was a chance to meet up with our daughter who lives down there.

We intended to travel down Friday, but I hate to waste a journey, and so we traveled on Thursday night first to Shrewsbury for the Tango.  Instead of the usual class we had a practica that was overseen by Ricardo and Sue. We have met them previously at one of the classes we attended here, and are always glad to have new talent  here.

The practica was broken up in the middle with a short class on moving to the music, but in general they let us get on with it, helping out whenever it was needed. Of course it gave me a chance to dance with most of the women there, but unfortunately this time I did not dance with Sue.

Ricardo an Sue announced that they have a festival in early May, it would have been nice to attend but we are in Buenos Aires. I do not have the details, as they had run out of fliers. If anyone would like to send me details, I will post them on the May events list.

We finished the evening off with the usual non alcoholic shandy in The Coracle. As usual there was lots of tango talk with thoughts of future events, so much planning happens over a pint. Eventually the landlord had to throw us out, and we were then off on the road for an all night drive.

Not  a lot seems to happen over Easter, but we did manage to find a Milonga very close to where we were camping. So Saturday night we arrived un fashionably early at The Beaufort Community Centre. We met the meastro before the start, Eduardo Bozzo and by coincidence, one of his first pupils was Juan, our friend in Buenos Aires.

The levels of the dancers was very mixed, so I am afraid we kept to ourselves throughout the dance, but there was plenty of room to move, so we could dance to our hearts content. Work commitments mean I will not get to any local Tango events until next Thursday, so to keep everyone happy here are a few photos of Saturday night.


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