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Return of the Shoe

Viv sent me out shopping again. Amongst other things she wanted risotto rice. Well they had quite a range in the dietetica but nothing that I recognized.

In the end I bought some boxed stuff from the Chino, it costs more but at least it was safe.

All the shopping done and it was time to get ready to go out again. The subte down was again one of the new ones. I cannot say I enjoy the feeling of rattling around in a box, still it’s a shorter journey today. You feel a bit like a rabbit coming out of a hole when you leave the underground and my memory has faded so we came out the wrong side if the road. I will have to remember next time.

El Arranque is very quiet when we arrive, but we are greeted by the waiter who still remembers our drinks. There are one or two old faces so we are both soon dancing. As the numbers increase so do our opportunities and again we dance for three and a half hours without break. (apart from the cumbia, but that is another story)

Maria and Graciela arrive like queens to their reserved table and I am treated to more hugs and kisses. We even managed a few new dances as well, Viv is enjoying this new popularity but soon it is time to leave, we are just not fit enough to keep going at this rate.

We stopped off at Imaginario for some food and beer. We got this sussed now, we order beer first and get some nuts with it, only afterwards do we order the food. We feel too tired to walk over to Canning, but go we must. When we got there they soon found the missing shoe, so now, at last, we can stop this constant trek.


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Only one shoe

As we were just mooching and thinking about the day ahead, Viv suddenly discovered that she has only one shoe. We Know a song about that, don’t we Johnny? Anyway it appears she left one in Canning last night. We are unable to recover it now but it looks like our venue for tomorrow is decided.

The trip down to Nuevo Chique was on one of the new trains. Who knows what they were thinking when they bought these, a minimum of seats and no hanging straps. Everyone looking for some corner to lean into and tossed around at every station. I have not travelled on one of these at rush hour, I’ll bet it’s a nightmare.

We arrived a little later today, but still the crowds have not arrived so we still got our places. It’s funny, but Thursdays have a totally different feel to a Tuesday. We both still get plenty of dances but there is the odd missed tanda. Not that I am complaining, the temperature today was 33deg, so I needed a rest occasionally. I actually sat out the first milonga just to let my shirt dry out.

Maria when she arrived sat with Viv, it was fun to watch. Maria is Swedish and speaks no English, but she does speak Machine gun Spanish.  Viv just looked baffled most of the time.

There are almost no other turistas at the moment, so although a different crowd today, I managed to meet many new porteñas. One was particularly impressed that I knew Alberto Podesta, we were both fans of D’Sarli. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z17dDqNXpYE

He (Alberto Podesta) is the only artist from the great years that I ever met and as such will never forget.

Anyway, I digress. We stopped off for coffee again on our way home, the waiter for some reason was insistent we could not pay by card. I don’t know what had got into his head, but we had no intention.

Back to another early night again. So much for living the high life, we have not yet been up at midnight.

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You just can’t figure it

Another day when we get up late and do , well, nothing. Just when I had decided to go out and get my hair cut, Viv decided to want her breakfast. Maybe the haircut can wait, not sure if I can stand the sun on my head anyway.

Some excitement in our going out preparations today; The shower gel that I had got for Viv turned out to be body lotion. I know I should have read the label better but she wanted Nivea and it had a picture of a shower on it. How was I to know that Bajo La Ducha did not mean under the shower, but after shower? I don’t know about linguist, you need to be a mind reader.

Still we had Canning to look forward to. It started out quite bad, Viv was getting no dances and I thought that we would be off for an early night. As time went on though unusually she started getting more dances. You just can’t figure it, normally when the place is almost empty she does best, now it was full to bursting and she was getting every tanda.

It went so well that we stayed on an extra hour. Funny how it goes, you think you are in for a bad night and it just picks up, other times it goes the other way. I never went to speak to Mario tonight, I get fed up of his sales pitch. Anyway it was too crowded down there.

As it is later our usual stop on the way home was now closed. We found another place though with decent coffee. They make it with hot milk in Buenos Aires so that it is really hot, but here I think they heated the cup up as well. Nearly took the roof off my mouth. They had nice facturas though, pastries to you. One had a big blob of custard in the middle. That will keep us going until our meal on the balcony is ready.

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Dietetica Cheap food

Viv dragged me out shopping again. I suppose we need all this stuff, but it’s still a bind. It eats all my daily allowance as well, but the dietetica always surprises me. 1Kg of oats 200grams of prunes 200grams of tropical mix and 100 grams of Japanese peanuts (if you don’t know it’s hard to explain) all for $108, less than £6. Well that made me happy.

Off to Salon Canning again as it’s Wednesday.  I think we were early as there was hardly anyone there. Not many women really so I let Viv get some early dances in while I sat out.

Soon the numbers were up and so was the percentage of women. I had some really good dances and found out where New Jersey is. After two and a half hours though it was starting to get difficult. Canning is a big floor and it is hard to see beyond the crowd immediately around you.

I started failing to get dances, then Viv did. We sort of took it in turns to get up. I did not want to start wandering around and Viv did not want to sit out, so it was time to go.

I paid for the drinks and said my goodbyes. As usual I say goodbye to the DJ and Mario tried to sell me one of his CDs. He never gives up.

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Thumbs up to the Coreo Girl

It’s that time of the month again, I have to pay the Rentas, so I am off out to The Pagofacil.

Before we went though I got a call from Maggie asking if we were going to Canning today. I had mixed feelings about the call, always glad to hear from friends, but she asked why we were not at Ideal. Apparently there was no entrada on Monday.  Makes me wonder what it is about our bearing that makes people want to rip us off. Actually it only happens at Ideal, but they never publish the entradas, it leaves it open to all sorts of scams. And it did not exactly lighten my mood.

Back to the Pagofacil, we have been told it is easier than the Coreo, but today there was a big queue and no one was attending to it. So we crossed the road, I took a number at the Coreo and there was only one in front of us. I was out in two minutes. Unusually the girl was really cheerful. Viv said after an hour in that place anyone would be miserable. So thumbs up to the Coreo girl.

Salon Canning was quiet when we arrived. Very few women, that suited Viv. By the time Maggie and Peter arrived the women were starting to outnumber the men again. It never got really bad though. I think Viv is starting to enjoy Canning now. Maybe at last we have a regular Wednesday haunt.

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All Related someway

Philippe turned up this morning. He said he had mailed me, but the email here is slower than the surface mail. Still we were glad to see him and fuelled him up with coffee. He is working hard for us to get an internet connection. He thinks we finally have success but we will have no phone. That is OK I have a mobile so all should be well.

I got Sebastian to accept the expensas, but he complained bitterly and made it clear he would not continue. I re-mailed the administrator, we will speak on 25 when ther is a concorcio meeting.

Off to Canning again today. The walk down is enjoyable and we stop at the Ice Cream shop to see what time it closes. “Eleven” he said, “and tomorrow” “every day” he said as if that is quite normal. Well maybe it is here, but it seems strange to us coming from a cold climate.

Canning was very quiet when we arrived. I was sat in the same hidden seat. Things were fine at first but as it got busier I found it increasingly difficult to get dances. Note to self, sit somewhere else next time.

Maria and Gustavo arrived and we exchanged greetings, just before we left. Nothing personal, we had had enough by then.

I stopped to talk to Mario (The DJ) I asked him if Roberto (Organiser at Fulgor) was his brother, he seemed taken aback. “No he is my Cousin” He said. It does seem that all the milongas are related in some way. Typically halfway through he tried to sell me some of his CDs. He does this every time I talk to him. I give up telling him that I have over 170 hours of tango music, the last thing I need is another compilation of favourites.

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Little luxury’s

We are back at Spanish again. I have my old tutor back, which means I spend more time talking and less time on the theory. This suits me. Although I realize the necessity of the verbs, I need to better understand the basics first.
Viv, it seems is having similar problems. Too many conjugations and not enough comprehension.
Still when the torture is over and we had a rest, we headed off to Sala Siranush. It is always expensive here, so rather than just waste my money we elected to sit en junto.
It seems quite a friendly crowd, although as Canning proved, looks can be deceptive.
The tour group from the UK were here again, and again the men and taxis sat on the opposite side. When one of the ladies came over and asked me to dance, I felt guilty leaving Viv, but after all she was a pupil of mine.
No sooner was I on the floor than Viv had an invite. The same thing happened when I went to the toilet. Maybe we had misjudged this place. Despite its price we may come back. I was still surprised not to be invited to join the tour group though. After all, out of five ladies three of them had been to me for lessons and Viv really wanted to try dancing with one of the taxi dancers.
I think Viv enjoyed the luxury of having me to herself though.
The waiting staff here leave something to be desired. They take payment straight away, sometimes. At others they come back, as the waitress did with us. We had paid for our first drink but the second took her ages . Then she sort of forgot our change, as did I. I had to run back after leaving to collect it.
We left the ladies outside as they took a taxi cab back to their hotel. We did not have that luxury, we had our feet.
Still we stopped at a garage on Cordoba and had a medialuna as we walked. Some luxury’s are cheaper than others.
On our way home we found someone had dumped a water cooler on Salguero. It was too tempting, I took the bottle. It will be a perfect receptacle for our aircon waste water.


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Last tango (for now) in Buenos Aires

Viv likes to spend the last day cleaning and tidying the apartment, personally I don’t want to waste a day. So we agree to spend some time doing different things. She does not want me around being grumpy and, she would say, “in the way”.

Those who have followed my earlier adventures will know I tend to spend my last day with another woman, I don’t know why this happens, it is always innocent, but maybe it is some secret desire to cheat without the guts to do it for real.

Anyway, I had promised to get Janis onto Skype so that we could stay in touch better, I think Janis enjoys the sound of Viv’s voice, so it will be nice to be able to talk when we are home.

I took the collective again to Balvenera, getting to be a dab hand at this now, I don’t need to count the streets anymore as I know the stop. We meet at the door and greet in the traditional way, and then straight to the bedroom. I really is just as well I do not try to hide anything from Viv, this could be easily misconstrued. The bedroom, of course is where she keeps the computer.

Loading Skype takes some time, as the Argentine internet is not the fastest, then we have all sorts of problems with accepting Jantango as a name. Eventually when we are finally on line, we do all the tests. It is then we hit the biggest problem, Janis’s computer does not have a microphone.

Unperturbed we ring my computer anyway and Viv answers quite quickly, seems she was getting bored. Viv was not happy with a one way conversation, so I typed “pretend you are a newsreader”

Viv had, had enough time on her own and was desperate for me to come back, so we agreed to go to the early milonga at Los Consegrados.

Another bus journey back, with Janis this time, expecting Viv to be ready to go out, when we arrived. She was not, it seems she could not refit the blind in the bathroom, and so was waiting for me first.

So after refitting the blind we had coffee and talked for a while, then Pericles rang to say he was in the area, and could we meet. As this was now inconvenient I said “why not come up here for a coffee”.

We have found a new panadaria just one block away, so I rushed our for some biscuits, and I got some croissants for tomorrow as well. As I returned Pericles was waiting by the door. In another of those comic moments, he had rang up and Viv had said “come on up” but of course here you must unlock the door every time, then Viv did not know where her keys were. So by the time she was down we met her in the lift.

Janis had never met Pericles, but they seemed to get on famously and we all sat talking and eating the nice biscuits for hours. When Pericles finally left, we realized we had not eaten all day, and I felt again guilty as I had not offered food.

A quick trip to the supermercado and Viv whipped up some pasta for the three of us.

It was now getting late, too late for Los Consegrados. Janis said she was not dressed for a late milonga, but she was happy to stay and chat while we got ready. She now feels very much part of the inner circle, having seen Viv in her smalls. (now she know how lucky I am as well).

As we left the building it got quite emotional, saying goodbye first to Pericles then Janis is getting all too much for the two of us. Janis left to take the collective from Corrientes the opposite direction we were to go. I am sure she could have caught it at Medrano and we could have walked there together, but I suppose they would not have held the bus for our emotional scene, it was far better to leave each other outside my apartment block.

Our timing was all out tonight, we arrived at Canning at ten past ten, and it does not open until eleven. They let us in however and as the host was not there we even chose our own table. As we sat watching a milonga class, I though, well as it’s our last night, lets have some stout. I called over the waitress and said “quilmes negra”

She looked puzzled “no entiendes” she said. It must be my accent again, so I tried “Cervesa” that she clearly understood, later when the menus were put on the tables I saw negra there so I was not asking for something they did not have, there must be something missing in the way I talk but I cannot figure it out, perhaps I just need a voice coach.

The dancing, as always here was mixed, some good some bad some who you dared not dance behind and some you could easily follow. One guy who danced beautifully was in the wrong place he was a Nuevo dancer and it was nice to watch, but he hogged the outside causing chaos and I made a point of trying not to get behind him.

Some tourists arrived and sat taking photos all night, I often say if you want to see real tango come to a Milonga, not one of the many shows. I wanted to give them a card, so that they knew who they were photographing, but Viv said we should keep some mystery. I just thought it would be amusing for them to realize that they had been taking pictures of a couple from Wales and not Argentines.

When the “tropical” came on again it was time to leave and say goodbye to the milongas of Buenos Aires as well.

So that was it, another three weeks of tango over again. Here’s  to the next time.


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