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Ungrateful Parrot

We have a new visitor this morning. A parrot has appeared on our balcony rail. There is food on the floor but he seems reluctant to go down there. In the end I risk walking out and breaking some nuts onto the rail. The bird seems unfazed and actually comes over. Before long it is eating out of my hand. Just when I thought it could get no more surreal it jumped onto my shoulder.

I was at a loss what to do, Viv did not want me to bring it inside and everything I did, it just changed positions. In the end I did manage to get it back onto the rail and enticed it to drink some water. It seemed quite at home there.

I had ordered some money so I needed to go out. I left Viv with the parrot. Argenper were efficient as always and I was soon back in the apartment. Apparently the parrot had seen the pigeons feeding and went down to join them. Later it just squawked and took off. there’s gratitude for you. Didn’t even say goodbye.

Nuevo Chique was quieter today. I was doing Ok but Viv was struggling. That is what she said anyway. Then I did not dance every tanda, it was just too hot.

Then we set off for HB. We had a bit of a feast, black beer, a full salad, chicken gujons and chips with cheese and bacon. ( a bit of a specialty round these parts). All came to about £11.  You cannot crib at that and I left stuffed.


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Money Day

After coffee from our excellent machine, it is time to go out into the world. Outside the building I bump into Walter talking to Sebastian. They told me that someone will be coming to paint the balcony. As is normal here, we have no idea when, but if we are in we must let them in. I asked Walter up for a coffee, but he must away to catch his flight. I last saw him heading towards Philippe’s apartment.

At the Argenper office the shutters were down the front of the building is plastered in “Se Aquiler” so it looks like this office is no more. I am unable to check further as I have left my phone, so I head for the office at Pasteur. There is a huge queue here and I have a long wait. From where I am sitting I can see the machine that dispenses tickets. I am amused watching the locals struggling with it, and there was me thinking my problems were because I am a stupid extranjero. I helps when you have been here before.  I worry that I do not have everything I need, that they will not have my money, I have no idea why; they were efficient as always and I left with all my money for the coming month.

I still worry walking back though. There is no way I will use the subte with all that money in my pocket and at every junction I check that I am not being followed. Paranoia is one thing, but I am not about to loose my months money, that would make this an awful Christmas. Happily home again and Viv has a coffee waiting, but she expected someone older.

As we shower and get ready the painter still has not come. I have no intention of waiting in, we came here to tango. so we set off for El Beso leaving the place in a mess. All the plants from the balcony are inside looks more like a greenhouse in here now.

We set off for Beso just after three and I could not find my shoes, there was only one answer; I must have left them in HB. We got there and  they were open, the guy pulled my shoes from under the bar. So today I had a reserve pair of shoes with me.

The floor at Beso is very slippy of late so I decided to use my dance trainers. It was a good move and I was much more secure on the floor than I had been yesterday. I never missed a tanda today (apart from Pugliese, a choice on my part). Viv did not do so well, funny how the men have such poor memories. Whereas all the women remembered me, the men all seem to have forgotten Viv.

Anyway Viv decided to leave early and head for The Coffee Store. I had promised a tanda to another lady, so I was dancing when Viv left, but the next tanda was Alfredo Gobbi, Quique Camargo is the only DJ I know who plays Gobbi, so I changed my shoes and left.

Viv was sat in her usual place so I joined her for “Promocion”; Two media lunas, cafe con leche and orange. Then we walked back up Corrientes. We stopped off at a dietetica that had sugared pineapple slices and prunes. After that we went to a fruitaria. They had broccoli which we did not expect. I asked the girl serving “como se llama es?” “Broccoli” she said,  I felt stupid,but will not forget again.

Sebastian was by the door when we came home. “El pintor, has terminado?” I asked, “No” he said “Miercoles” Well at least he has learned the art of keeping it simple.


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Money Day

Time to pick up my monthly money. Every time I go out and deal with any sort of officialdom I have a heavy heart. That said I have never had a problem with Argenper. I walked into the office and typical Wednesday, it was empty, so I never thought to take a number. A woman was picking up a pair of shoes at the front, then she went back to the cash desk. I don’t know what sort of transaction they were doing but the dialog was continuous. Then the guy behind the counter had a polo shirt he was holding up for her, it was starting to look more like a stall in El Once. After what seemed like an age someone came in and took a number, followed soon after by another five. This could cause a problem, as without a number, I was effectively last.  Eventually the second counter called “next” the guy who had taken the first number was quick, but not quick enough, had I missed my turn I would have been here all day.

As I said I have never had a problem here, with Argenpur, always easy and always the right money. Not today though, when I gave Viv her money there was a $50 in there with the 100s.  Not a great loss in the grand scheme of things and I am still up on the last lot of money, but bloody annoying. I have to check every note from now on, and when it is like monopoly money, that can take some time.

You just cannot beat the system here; I walked into the post office, two counters open, no one else waiting, but I took a number anyway. (you don’t get me twice in a day). The girl to my left finished, so I positioned myself ready. She was too busy on her terminal for customers. The girl to my right finished with her customer, so I shuffled right. No luck some one had come in behind me with a parcel. They have priority, it seems. Actually here, every one has priority, children, pregnant women, cripples, men with dogs, Fiat owners, everyone but me. Eventually I did post my letters, but this is getting annoying.

Off to Milonga de Juan again today and as always when we get down on the subte we had just missed a tube. So I decided to try and connect to the subte internet, just because I can. It was not going to happen though, two guys pushed past us to get to the subte map. They were trying to get to Tribunales. I told them to change at Callao onto the “H” line then onto the “D” line. I got an incredulous look from one guy as if to say “but he’s a foreigner” I asked where he wanted to go and he said “Nueve de Julio y Tucuman” so I told him to just stay on this train and get off at Peligrini. Aparently they were not happy with my advice and asked someone else, who told them to get off at Peligrini. Maybe I am not a local but I spend a lot of time down here. Anyway it seems the bigger of the two guys had been asked by the smaller one and he could not help, then we found out that he was a hawker on the train. You would think he would know his way around.

Milonga de Juan was quiet when we arrived but we managed well for dances although it dried up for Viv later. By the time we left it was getting quite busy, but the floor is good and the air conditioning is inbuilt, so we were a lot more comfortable than yesterday.

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