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Tango in an age of Covid

We now live in an age of restrictions and cancelled events, so I thought it about time I gave my take on it all.

We had arranged our annual trip to Buenos Aires to coincide with the returning to Europe of the ship Costa Pacifica. These return trips are usually cheaper as they are classed as re positioning cruises. People had talked of “The Virus” but dancing every night in BsAs we gave it little thought. Even when we told people and they said we would get “El Virus” we thought little of it. We were off on a cruise for the first time in our lives, and we were going to enjoy ourselves.

The story of our eventual disembarkation you can find here 23 March The Journey Home. The whole story is told in blogs from 3rd March 2020. We came back to a world without Tango.

We set ourselves schedule where we wold clear the room and tango Tuesday and Sunday and sequence dance Wednesday and Saturday. Of course by the time we had decided to do this we had not sequence danced for almost a year. We had forgotten so many of the dances we had to refer to youtube in order to do them again.

Later on we started hiring Pulford Village Hall just for us to dance. It was in somewhat of a state as they were using the time to do essential repairs. We could not organize a dance due to the restrictions, but with just the two of us, we assumed we were within the rules and harming no one.

And so we managed to get some dancing, but little socializing. The local walking group was not meeting and the only interaction we got was in the shops.

Until we moved onto the next stage.

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