22 March Rome

After two days in Gerona we have sailed to Rome. We are told that we will disembark here, only time will tell.

Meanwhile we have all the daily activities to attend. There is less of the animation team as they are attending to people getting them off the ship.

The animation team have organized another party night in Rhapsody. We were still having fun in Round the clock but decided to go down there.  There was a different feel to the night.  I suppose it was me but I never recognized any of the people on the dance floor and we did not get up much. There was no space to sit either we sat behind the glass panel and I was struggling to get through my G&T.

I asked Ars for a chocolate but The Amarillo had closed early and I could not have it.  A Scots guy said he had some packets and brought me some Ars then brought me two cups and some hot water. Nice that people are so kind and Angela brought me some Rennies. But somehow this evening fell a bit flat. Eddie was definitely the worse for wear and we all went to bed a bit early.

The following morning we had our breakfast  and waited around. The animation team were all busy, and it was looking more and more like we would be leaving.

We socialized in the Rhapsody bar, drank coffees and our new drink “Pink Panther” a non alcoholic cocktail. The group we usually sit with here has been broken up there are two sisters who are still here but the two couples who sat with them have been sent home, or at least no longer on the boat.

I checked around midday and our cabin has been made up. Does this mean we are to stay another night? Our bags are packed ready to leave at a moments notice, but I have my doubts we will be leaving.

Then mid afternoon there is a call “All Passengers from cabins **** go to the Theatre” They called so many cabin numbers including the next one to ours, but we were still here. Later there was another Call “All remaining English speaking Passengers go to the Theatre”

I guess this was it.

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