19 March Gerona

We have sailed to Gerona and understand that some will be disembarking today.

Despite the letter we got, all the dance events in the day have gone ahead. Viv did not rouse until almost eleven as we were told that the animation team events would not be on. I had got up and had my breakfast and was in The Rhapsody when they did the latino class. I was happy to partner another lady and afterwards I went to the cabin. Viv was up by now and having some breakfast. She was not best pleased when I told her about the class.

The afternoon classes were also on, it was all a bit of a mystery. Two other friends had missed some classes and we got them to join in as well later.

We keep getting called down to Ricks Bar to fill yet more forms in. Mainly telling the Italian Authorities we do not have Corona Virus.

At the restaurant I learned that the couple who sat with us were about to leave. Now these two had been on to The BBC and had also tried to get off at Marseilles. I found out later that all the Argentines were also getting off here. Well they seemed happy about it, I was not so sure.

I found out afterwards that they had been on a bus for six hours and then left in the airport. It looks to me like they were getting rid of the troublemakers, because after they had gone all the entertainment was back on. Our next stop was to be Rome, but we would be sailing in comfort.

The music was back again that night, but my alcohol intake was down, you can only drink so much gin I find. Still we watched Gerona disappear as we partied again into the night.

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