17 March Marseilles

We continued to steam on after the canaries, we don’t stop and we have no idea where we are until we reach Marseilles. The  fun however continues but the natives are getting restless. I am at a loss to see what their problem is as most of us are not scheduled to leave the ship for another three or four days. We are safe, no virus aboard, we are entertained, we have food to spare and alcohol likewise.

There is talk of disembarkation here, but time will tell. Then we are told that only the French will be allowed to leave. This is the point things get ugly. We are stuck here two days.

On our first night a fight broke out. I saw a guy flinging his arms about going from table to table. Next he collared agroup on their way out, it looked ugly but then group just left him. Later he was again in Rhapsody causing trouble and the next thing there are three guys on top of him. Viv thought it quite funny; men in their sixties and seventies brawling like school boys. We learned the next day that the Argentines had tried to hold the French hostage.

They just do not get it; there is nothing anyone on the ship can do.  So we just party on.

On the second night in Marseilles we join the Londoners in Round the Clock, having ignored all the calls to meetings. There is no live band playing in any of the bars.  The couple who play here have arrived and are setting up, but then stop and sit down. I go over to ask what is happening and they get very defensive. Apparently they have been told not to play by the cruise director. They were obviously as unhappy with this as we were, so there was no point having a go at them.

Our table were not about to have our fun stopped, somebody arrived with a bluetooth speaker and a smartphone with internet access. Viv was by now knocking back the Tia Maria and we were dancing around the tables, challenging the waiters and experimenting with anything that they had behind the bar. My new drink is Lemoncello and Tia Maria mixed.

This may be a boat of three thousand people but at least eight of us were not about to let events or the captain keep us down.  I think by now we were outnumbered by staff in this bar and even if they could not drink with us we were determined that they would enjoy themselves as well. They danced with us and sang along even excepting a challenge to do an exercise with the tray.

Again I missed my chocolate, so tonight I had stomach trouble. Nothing at all to do with all the drink, you understand, although Viv would not believe it.

We are home safe. I write this after our return. So do not be concerned if you see me about.

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