15th March Things are not looking good

Our daily routine carries on. All our entertainment continues and somehow they can still supply fresh food. The rumor mill has started though. We already knew we would not be able to meet our friends in Santa Cruz, they have an unbreakable appointment.Now Though it looks like we will be unable to land at all.

There has been an Hotel locked down due to Carona virus and someone I know is staying close by. As far as I know it has not affected him otherwise, but we are in a black hole here and get no news, even the BBC world news has been denied us of late.

Nothing yet affects the fun on board though, so we carry on and await news. Later in the day we learn that Spain has locked down all ports and we will be unable to land in The Canaries or Malaga. How this will effect our landing in Barcelona we have yet to find out but things are looking doubtful.

Through a drunken haze we hear the ships engines thrown into reverse around midnight. We are still told nothing but believe that we are stopping for food and fuel. Again we do not know where we are, but as we are due in Santa Cruz in the morning, I suspect we are somewhere off Tenerife.

We have a party group assembled in the round the clock. Drunken tales of the 70s and 80s are the order of the day punctuated by trips to the dance floor when we hear something we like.

Missed the chocolate tonight, ah well, have to have another G&T then.

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