March 11th Bautismo del Mar

Today is a special day after our breakfast it is party time.  As mid day approaches everyone is up on deck 9 for the party.  There are some children dressed up and they are escorting Neptune as he comes to baptize us with the sea. It is just one massive party, There is a lot of dancing and loud music, then Neptune stands on a stage throwing water over everyone.

We are celebrating crossing the equator. The sea is totally calm and the sun is overhead. With the sun live music we are in an idyllic situation.

We are travelling through the doldrums and the sea state certainly agrees. I am put in mind of The Ancient Mariner when we see an albatross above the ship. It stays with us for some time appearing to maintain flight with little or no effort. I think it must be getting some lift from the heat we generate, and just like the mariners of old I am saddened when we loose sight of it.

Later we receive a certificate from the captain saying we had crossed the equator. Viv joins me tonight in the restaurant and we head once more to Rhapsody bar. Then we move on to the Round the Clock again where there is yet another party night. This time it is a latin theme. We manage the dance moves better as we have been to the group class, but by midnight I am struggling.

Before the party is over I drag Viv to the Amarillo for a hot chocolate. Amarillo closes at half past midnight and I need that drink to settle my stomach. I am having trouble with it at the moment, not sure if it is a bit of motion sickness, too much food, or all thhe alcohol. Still the dark cabin, rocking motion and the alcohol means I get a good nights sleep while on here. My step counter is recording an average 16,000 steps each day mainly up and down stairs, so that may also help.

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