March 10th Back into the Blue Yonder

So we return to the shipboard routine.

Viv is up early for the stretch class, then we breakfast. After breakfast we have our dance class on Deck 9.  More Kizomba and then relaxing reading and more exploring. There is a lot to see on board and today I find that ther is a Scuderia Bar on deck 12. As you would expect it has a motor racing theme and there are simulators just inside. I relax here for a while until it is time to go down to Rhapsody on deck 5 again for another dance class.

Viv is not keen on the My Way restaurant so I go alone.  Not wanting to be Billy no mates I wait outside until Julia and Dave arrive. Then we settle down to another six course meal. After being fully sated and entertained, I leave them for the Round the clock to meet up with Viv again.

We manage to get to Rhapsody in time for Three tango tunes. Later we return to Round the clock where they have a 70s themed party night. The group do a great job on the tunes and the animation team lead us in some great dance routines. As someone who was there I can state we did not dance like that, but we had a great time. We dance the night away and finish with a Hot chocolate in Amarillo again.

Tomorrow we will go to the group dancing class so that we can follow the routines.

A reminder that this is all written after the event. We are home now, so do not be surprised if you see us.

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