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March 9th Maceo

Again we wake to another view of the Brazilian coast.  It looks a bit more industrial here. Plenty of time for breakfast before we leave though.

It seems here you need a bus to get to the town, so I have bought tickets from Costa for their bus. We leave the boat and are ushered into a queue under a gazebo. Out of the other side and there was the bus. When we got out of the gazebo the bus was full. This meant we were  first in the queue for the next bus. Unfortunately it also meant we were stood in the sun.

We were told to wait under the shade, but unfortunately it was hard as those already there did not want to relinquish there places. So we stood in the hot sun for fifteen minutes. We were close to heat stroke by the time the bus finally reappeared. The guy behind me was saying that Costa come here every year so this many people coming off a bus should not be a surprise.

We were dropped in town behid a market that we were told to walk through. I had nearly 300 real and Viv’s dance trainers had fallen apart so our mission today was to find some new trainers.

After walking through the market we arrived at the beach front. I could see no likely buildings, so we walked to the left. There was nothing to be seen so we turned around and walked the other way. Again we could see nothing, so we turned inland. after a couple of rights we arrived at where the bus had dropped us. It all looked a bit poor and definitely not retail heaven.

We continued along the road and reached a point where we had to make a decision. Viv looked up the road inland and said “What does equipo deportivo mean?”. Sounds like sports equipment to me, maybe it is balls and weights and things, but it is the best we have seen. So we turned inland and investigated the sign.  Well they had a good range of shoes, and a very nice orange pair in Vivs size only 290real. Well looks like they were meant to be, so we bought them.

So with a happy Viv I headed back to the beach. The first place we stopped was shut so we carried on. Found a place with WiFi and ordered two Corona.  (I feel a joke coming on here, but as yet the virus was not at all an issue.) They do things different here, we got two bottles and two glasses. They opened one bottle and poured some into the glasses. The bottles were then put into an ice bucket.

I connected onto their Wifi and got a good signal, but it was not connected to the internet. As this was costing me the last of my Real I would not get another chance. After this we would be six days at sea.

Finding the bus back was easy. It was at the stop and people were getting on. It looks like it was not just us who were getting bored with Maceo. Still it made getting back a lot easier than the journey out.  The beach views were beautiful, and I am sure that this place is idyllic, but a flying visit was not enough to give it it’s best.

When we got back on the boat we collapsed  into bed. The heat had drained us. When we surfaced it was too late for our evening meal so we went to the buffet (Hence forth known as The Mosh Pit). I do not like standing in a queue with a plate it is too much like a works canteen. I have done my share and think it is time I was waited on. So this may become an issue as Viv prefers this.

More dancing again tonight. We spend a lot more time in Round the Clock tonight the band is good and there are fewer people here.

A reminder that this is all written after the event. We are home now, so do not be surprised if you see us.

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