4th March, Sailing the blue Yonder

So this is our first full day on Board. We start off at deck 9 with breakfast. The Italians really have no idea how to cook bacon and their sausages are just weird, still I have a hearty fill and after three coffees and a glass of orange I am alert enough to face the day.

Viv has been going through the daily diary and I am not allowed a rest. We have ballroom dancing in the Rhapsody on deck 5 and latin back on deck 9. If I get no other exercise the stairs will keep me fit.

Well the ballroom was basic Cha cha. It is all good practice, but some of the other punters wonder how we pick it up so quickly. Then we stop for drinks and go off exploring.

We investigate the Gym. Our tour of the gym turns out to be a sales pitch, for spar treatments and special access areas. Not ones to be put under pressure we escape to try just the gym (which is free)  some time later. As we escape we are collared again by another sales pitch,  “Perfect Feet” or some such nonsense. We do a foot trace and discover that I am heavy on mu right heel. No shit Sherlock, you only have to look at the soles of my shoes. Turns out Viv is far from perfect too. Then he does some pressing down trick where you fall forward. He puts this insole in and does it again. Low and behold we stand up straight. We could have these miracle insole for 149 euros and because we are a couple Viv could have a 10% discount. He did his sales pitch well, but looked crestfallen when we did not buy. When we were out of sight I showed Viv the pushing down trick. It is a bit obvious to a tango dancer.

In the afternoon we were back to deck 9 and the latin. This was a bit of Bachata. Not done this for many a year and it was nice to get back into it. Nothing complex just basic moves, but again we had people wondering how we picked it up so easily.

In the evening we went to the “My Way” on deck 4 as that is where we are supposed to dine. We had a six seater table all to ourselves and the argentine malbec was running free. Six courses, but I cannot remember what they all were. I just know I enjoyed it.

We went up to deck 5 then and as we were at the back of the ship we saw different bars. There is the Round the Clock, where the decoration looks like internal clock workings. The Bar itself is circular and in the centre and a dance floor and stage at the aft end.

Then there is Ricks Piano bar. There is a small floor and a grand piano with some fancy electronic accompaniment.  The player was good, but no room to dance here.

Opposite on the port side (not that I could work this out at this point, it would take several days to work out port and starboard for and aft) is the Wien Wien Bar. No I have no idea, somebody said it was Vienna. There were Cellos and violins all around the walls a grand piano and another small dance floor. Two men were playing guitars not dance music so we sat and listened. Now the fame of my new shoes has reached this place on the high seas. We were approached by Jaqueline and Pablo, who had friends who tango with us. It seems she recognized my shoes. Jaqueline is tall blond and elegant and Dutch. Pablo is typically Spanish he looks like he should be a matador, very upright and handsome. We did not spend long with them as they are on the second dinner sitting.

We finished the evening in The Rhapsody again. Not all the music was dancable but there was a big floor here and we could get a seat right on the edge.  They did play some tango, but it was a bit English to say the least. Still we danced it and had another good night.

A reminder that this is all written after the event. We are home now, so do not be surprised if you see us.

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