Daily Archives: February 25, 2020

Catching up

After a little shopping, I went to have my hair cut. Different Girl this time, and she wanted to put a part in. My father tried for years to get me to have a part in my hair, you can put it in, but my hair will always have its way. So I told her no.

I remembered my trousers, I was supposed to pick them up Friday, but I forgot. Saturday was another possibility, but again I forgot. Today though was ferria, so it was closed.

We got an invite to Philippe’s, so after much thought today’s milonga visit was cancelled. It was not such a hard decision as we are not enjoying El Beso at the moment anyway. It was nice to catch up with Philippe, Mariella and Walter for a few hours.

Later I went walkabout as my step count was down for the second day on the run. I walked up Bartolome Mitre and Diez Valez crossing and re crossing the railway. There are some interesting bridges here with plants growing on a high level framework. Around this time of day the automatic watering is on, making it even more interesting. Around Medrano the road curves across the railway so that it becomes more of a tunnel. There is a large childrens play area here as well.

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