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70s Bell Bottoms.

My first job of the day was, to get my new trousers altered. I am still not sure about them so I am not going to pay UK price to have them altered. Our usual shop is empty, maybe they could not make a living here. I searched the streets unable to find another place. There was a tintoria with a notice about Arregular.

Anyway I came back with my trousers and no fruit. Viv was not happy, so I had a coffee and tried again. This time I knew the word for alterations, and tried the tinteria. I have learned something else; the difference between “cortar” and “anchar”. I wonder what they would have looked like if he had done 11cm anchar. He was measuring the width of the leg. I would not have got my foot through. I remembered to buy some fruit on the way back as well. Just checked “anchar” and it means to widen. 70s bell bottoms then.

Salon Canning was all but deserted when we arrived, so we danced together. Soon though one or two arrived and for a while Viv did better than me. It was a slow build up but we never really missed out. I may have missed one or two tandas but generally we did well. We stayed past the rock and roll section. Every time Viv was ready to leave she got another dance. We both danced with new people, because the numbers were low. This, hopefully means that those people will remember us for again.

We called time just before eight and went across the road to a place called Baru. We went here many years ago when it was called something else that we cannot remember, for an anniversary meal. Now it is a sort of salsa bar. We asked if we could just have coffee and they said yes. We sat down ordered a coffee (or so we thought) and asked if we could just see the menu.  There was no sign of our coffee so we called them over. We asked if we could just have coffee and she snatched away the menu.  Well it was a tiny coffee and I never had time to see what they had. Seems you can not order and still view the menu here. So we drank our coffee , then left for Taco box.

Still great food here, good service and beer. What more can you ask?

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