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Well, we got a plate

Why does everything happen at once? I have not spoken to Perry this trip, and I was just talking to him in messenger when Philippe arrived. The only time, it seems we can meet up is when I have other arrangements.  So I am holding two conversations at once until Perry went then so did Philippe.

We are entering our last two weeks here, and suddenly everyone wants to meet up. It was ever thus. I think if we stayed longer it would be no different.

Nuevo Chique did not let us down again, although Viv was having trouble with this persistent cough. It did sort of cut short our stay today, but anyway the heat and humidity was getting to me as well. We met a welsh guy here today. Now for the scary bit; later he came up on Facebook, People you may know.

There was a demonstration again tonight so our bus was not running so we headed across to the subte. This, of course was packed and not running regularly. So we had a long wait, a crowded train, and at every stop there was a delay. This, of course meant that even more people were trying to get on, so all in all not a pleasant journey home.

We stopped at HB for our chicken goujons cheesy potatoes and salad. We got no nuts today with our beer, this was reflected in our tip. We can’t get them to understand we need two plates either. We have had a metal platter, a metal bowl, and tonight we had a plate. Maybe just maybe, as we are getting closer, we may get two of something next time.

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