Quiet at Canning.

Salon Canning was all but deserted when we arrived today. There was one English couple there, and Erwin had not yet started the music. When he did start a few men had arrived but few women, and for the first two hours there were more men than women. This was, of course good for the women, and many would say ” welcome to my world” but Wednesday is a sort of rest day for me so I sat out every other tanda, and just enjoyed the music.

A few of my favourites got more than one tanda today, and some more than two. I danced with a lady I have not danced with before, I have seen her here every year, and had always thought her a bit miserable, but it was a very good dance. Just shows you should not pre judge. I will definitely dance with her again. (unless,of course she thought  was a bad dancer).

Christine and Barry arrived before six and joined us at our table. They gave us some extra dances but also a distraction. As I said though I like a rest on Wednesday. So we had a quiet, but enjoyable afternoon.

Afterwards we went again to The Taco Box for Fajita mix. I could not convince Christine to come, she does not like Mexican, it seems. We did not stay long as Walter was coming. So we ate and ran. Walter did not stay long either, he had been working and needed a shower.

So we watched another film and had another early night.

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