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Coffee and toasty £1.60

We seem to do less and less before the milongas theses days, still it’s nice to be a bit rested for a change.

There was a group of tourists waiting outside today. We, of course, passed them and took our seats while they were getting organized. We stayed four hours today, and apart from Pugliese never missed a tanda. I think Viv actually did miss one other as Anna was keeping her talking. I never seem to dance with Ana these days, I am not really sure why, Viv thinks she has just given up.

I saw a lady who looked like she was on the edge so I elected to do the next tanda with her. She was attractive, had a good body and danced well. New blood only goes so far, I guess, it’s still the young who get the most men.  I noticed she got a couple more dances afterwards, sometimes they just need to see a lady dance.

Afterwards we went to Congreso Plaza Pizza Cafe for a coffee. We were just going for coffee, honestly, but there was a promotion; Cafe con leche y media tostada $160. too good to pass up. We expected just some toasted bread and maybe a bit of dulche de leche, what we got were two rounds each of ham and cheese toasty. We expected to have to pay more, surely the waiter had it wrong and we had someone else’s order. But no, when we asked for the bill it was $320. Bargain of the week, perhaps we will be back.


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