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Don’t let me forget my shoes.

A bad start to the day; we were in Sullivan’s to watch the Rugby. Wales were roundly beaten by Ireland and there was quite a crowd of Irish there to enjoy my discomfort. One guy had quite a bit to drink before he arrived. It was hard enough following the commentary in Spanish, but now this guy was giving me his life history, in a drunken Irish accent. He moved later and then spilled his drink over Pauline. Well Pauline and Geoff are staying for the England Scotland match, I hope they are ready for another hour and a half of this.

Los consegrados  was the same as always, although Viv was complaining about not getting dances.  From where I was sat it was not possible to see all the women so I went over to ask Christine to dance. On the way over I was stopped by Maria, she had bought a cake to celebrate leaving tomorrow. So I had to stop for some cake and champagne. When I got to Christine it was Pugliese so I sat it out and talked with her. She said Viv is always up dancing, I said that is not the way she sees it and just to prove my point she came over saying that she was fed up and was going to get changed.

Well I did the next tanda with Christine, then said goodbye to Maria, and apologized to all the ladies at there that I had not managed to dance with them.

We caught the subte home, but when we got off we went instead down Medrano to the Taco Box there. It was still before eight so we came back half a block to La Parillita de pasaje for a coffee. It looks a good place so we asked if we needed a reserva, we did and had a quick scan of the menu. we may well be back.

Then it was back to The Taco Box for Fajitas and Amber beer. When we left the girl chased us down the street, seem I had, again, left my shoes. I think she was taken aback¬† when I shouted at Viv “I told you not to let me forget my shoes” Even if she did not fully understand what I said, I think she understood the sentiment. She walked back laughing.

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