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The last medialuna

On my morning shop, I now have to walk on the other side of the road. They are knocking the building down and have barriers all around it.  This would not normally be a problem except that the guy from the ferreterria opposite just leaves his dog out front. Today his mess is spread all across the pavement it is all but impossible to avoid.

So as we leave for Nuevo Chique today I am unable to find my shoes. Luckily I have spares, it seems I have, again left them when we stopped for coffee.

Slightly lower numbers today, it cannot be the heat, it was far hotter Tuesday. It was good for Viv although I had some problems. Not enough to stop me dancing though. I did miss a couple of tandas just to recover from the heat, because although it was not as hot today, the humidity was through the roof. At six o’clock all my regulars appeared. It seems they wanted to miss the main heat of the day. What Viv pointed out is that they would now get all the sweaty men.

The gay couple turned up here as well. There were not as many wanting to dance with them though as there were in Canning. It is also a more crowded floor so all the boleos did not go down well either. They did not stay long, I think that they would be better off in La Viruta. A guy who sits by me was watching them dance, you could read his mind, some people are so obvious what they think.

I expected to stay a little later today, but then Viv had another coughing fit, so it was time to go. We caught the 151 and stayed om it until it got to Scalabrini Ortiz. Then we were right outside Cafe Artaud. It was just as well we left when we did, it took longer than we thought and it was eight fifteen when we arrived. The place closes at half past. We were by now starving but they had only one medialuna left, so we had the last one between us. Good coffee here though it seems to relieve Vivs throat and they still had my shoes.

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