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Cena con Amigos

Expensas day today. So I walked down Cordoba. I must have walked right past the bank and walked on all the way to the park.  I could not decide if I had missed it or it had gone. There were so many new buildings. I thought I would check on my phone, and typically I had left it at home. So I walked back on the other side of the road, from here I could see it better. It is now squeezed between construction sites, but is still there.

Typically, I had decided to use this branch because they have more machines than the one closer and easier to find. Also Typically there was only one working. A good day to go though as there was no queue. I put in my $6000 and it threw it straight out again. When I tried again it said I had put in $5000. I tried to reject it but it just gave me the option to put in more.  It may well have been right, it may have been wrong, but I will never know. I really hate these automatic machines.

Off to Salon Canning again today, and the walk is not quite as hot as it was yesterday.  Inside it is almost deserted. There is an English couple, who were, for this tanda, dancing together, and half a dozen regulars. So when the next tanda came on we danced it together. A few more started to arrive, including two likely looking men. They were quit tall and young and they sat at the back not far from us. I was hoping that they would dance with Viv, but that was not to be.  They had put on dance shoes and were up together for the next tanda. One of them had shorts on, shaved legs, painted toenails and was wearing very elegant heels.

By now there were a few more here and we were getting regular dances, although there were a few women struggling to get partners. When other men started to dance with the guy in heels, some of the women were incensed. They come here week after week for the men to ignore them and then dance with a man.

Well it did leave many of them more than happy to dance with me. Viv though was only dancing every other, but she was quite relaxed tonight and some of her favourites arrived later. As usual we stayed until Pugliese and the rock and roll came on. Also as usual somebody came over to ask Viv to dance. I sat there happily just listening, when a woman came over and asked me to dance. I usually avoid Pugliese, but it would be rude to refuse.  Sometimes though if a woman asks it is because she feels the music. When that is the case, Pugliese becomes a pleasure.

Later we walked down to Jean Jaures to the apartment of Hubert and Paloma. They had invited us along with Mercedes and Jorge for supper. Mercedes has not been well this year and it is the first time I have seen her. Jorge does not dance so we have no contact apart from when Mercedes comes to the milonga, so it was a great chance to catch up.

Jorge speaks English and French, but we spent the evening in Spanish.  I coped quite well, but really struggled when Jorge mixed it. To help, he would throw in some French and English. I suppose some things are better said, in their original language.

We always expect fish from the French, but tonight we had suckling pig with chips. It was bought in, I know not where from. We had quite a discussion on religion earlier, had I been on the ball I should have said I was Muslim. That would have caused some fun.

The BBC said no rain tonight, they were wrong again. It was raining on the way home and we had no umbrella with us. Still it was not too heavy and we arrived home only slightly damp.

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