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Asignatura Pendiente

Viv wants some new clothes from Asignatura Pendiente today. We tried to make an appointment for after El Beso but it was outside her hours. So we we are going before. Early shower it is then, eating early is a problem though. I may be chewing my arm by six.

We arrived about five minutes early, I sat myself on the sofa and prepared for a long stay. Viv seemed to take most of the clothes off the rack to try on. She kept popping out and asking me how she looked, I ket telling her she needed to come out to where I could see her. I have no idea how many outfits she tried or for that matter how many she decided to buy. I just know that she did not have enough money and took most of mine as well.Fortunately I had a big float by now.

The clothes were loaded into two bags, then Viv decided that they would be better in one. All finally settled we set off for El Beso.I don’t know what they were giving away but it was rammed. Viv managed to get a seat next to Ton and Ada and I sat, as always on the back wall. Not in my usual place though, I was well down the room. I had difficulty getting dances, and soon decided to go walkabout. A normally risky strategy, but fortunately there were so many women, if the one I was after was taken there was always another. Viv was having trouble as well and not being able to go walkabout she was missing dances. She was soon getting fed up, but after the sorteo things improved. This kept her there a while longer until the rock and roll came on. I stayed to do the chacarera with Teresa then I too was out of there.

Viv had not been in the Coffee Store long when I arrived. Seems she had to come back for her clothes,which she had forgotten. It was a lot of money to just go and leave them there. We had two promos, two media lunas orange water and cafe con leche. The girl though was not on the ball, Viv had asked for two, but she only brought one, so we had to wait for the second.

Afterwards we walked the length of Guardia Vieja to see the preparations for the shows. There was one girl on a balcony singing. I think she was testing the gear. There were lights and stages everywhere, I really am not sure if we will be able to appreciate it all tomorrow.

We finished in Imaginario Bar, papas Imaginario and omelette, with stout at $100 a pint. Well at that price I had to have two. With a generous tip it all came to $900, that’s about £9. You can’t complain at that.


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