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Cheerful Leo

A few little shopping jobs today. First stop is Amankay for some Atrix (Atrixo). It is always a bit dear here so I will not come again, but it was nice to meet Bruno again. There was no sign of him when I went in, so I asked where he was. He was tucked on a shelf behind the counter hiding. I suppose he gets fed up of all the attention.

Cheerful Leo was on the till in the Chino. When you think his livelihood depends on his customers, you think he might be more pleasant. The only time I have seen him smile is when I bumped into him in Chinatown.

The demolition up the road continues, Fred Dibnah would have had it down in a day. but we just get the constant banging. Our neighbor has finally left, the apartment looks forlorn from the road. Maybe she had had enough of the banging.

On the way today, the streets somehow seemed cleaner. Whether that is an illusion or they have been cleaned in preparation for the murga I do not know. We have not had that much rain lately and it was quite blowy yesterday, so it is unlikely they just cleaned themselves. Or just maybe we have stopped noticing the dirt.

It is Thursday so Nuevo Chique again. I missed one tanda early on when I double cabeceod. That was it. Viv was having the same experience. So tonight is the sorteo for the shoes and I had a load of tickets. We tried really, but after four hours we hit the wall. It would have been only another half hour, but it just was not going to happen. We simply do not have the stamina.

So we left and went to La Continental again. Cafe and Medialunas it was then. Then our 151 took us right to the door again.

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