Freezing in the summer heat.

Not a lot going on today until we went to Los Consegrados. Now I am lucky I have Vicky she lets me have my seat and serves me quickly. Viv is on the other side of the room and has a useless girl, she keeps moving her and does not bring her a drink for half an hour. Viv is moved to a place where she cannot see any men and I have to keep dancing with her, because she is getting no dances.  Fair dos she sticks it out until after seven, but she pays exactly for her drink and leaves no tip when we leave. The seat in front of her is still vacant at the end and Viv occupies it for a short while. The girl needs to realize that we come here more than some of the locals. it is fine keeping seats for regulars, she just needs to know who they are.

I had a conversation with one lady about the weather. (OK everyone talks about the weather) she said that this heat was exceptional. I said to the Argentines every year is exceptional. I remember 2008 when we had to look for shade to get across the road. She said they are from Italian stock and complain about everything.

Anyway I got lots of dances, but was happy to leave when Viv was ready. I think she will sit at the top end next week, where Vicky serves.

We left at just before eight and took the subte home.  We left the subte at Medrano and decided to try Imperio. It looks expensive but worth a try at today’s exchange rates. It was so long ago, I cannot remember the place that was here before. They knocked it down and built this place, then took about four years to open it.We walked in and got a menu, and it was expensive, but we could cope. The air conditioning was ridiculous, people were complaining and some going elsewhere. Viv was wrapping her cardigan tighter around herself. Before we had ordered I said that there was no point in sitting here freezing. So we got up and left, I said to the waiter “hace frio” he just smiled and agreed. I can see this place having a long and successful life.

We went then to Pachi. Aircon set to twenty four degrees and it was just fine. We had a couple of sandwich completa, which basically means they have chips and some salad and cheese on them.  Viv had lomo and I had hamburguesa, Imperial stout and a waiter determined to speak all the English he knows,

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