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Bad news over the interweb

Viv was cleaning the bathroom and decided to try the magnetic window cleaner. Twice she sent me downstairs to retrieve the sponge. She said every time I get to the top the outside piece falls off. There is a security string on it and she had tied it to a tap. I watched as she got to the end of the string and it fell off again.

On one of my trips downstairs I met our neighbor, she arrived with her mother and a load of boxes. I said hello to her mother and left them to use the lift. I used the stairs as there was no room in the lift with all the boxes.

Fortunately this time the sponge stayed attached. So now it was my turn at least I was not loosing it all the time, as I tied it nearer the window, but it just left streaks. Then it fell off again and I decided to go to the chino.

Sebastian was waiting by the door with sponge in hand. He tried to give me instructions on how to clean the windows, I think he has longer arms than me.

When I got back, I tried with the squeegee, Sebastian style. Viv was not happy, she was convinced that I was going to fall out of the window. It was moderately successful, but there are still streaks and I have black marks all the way up my arm.

There were a few more in Nuevo Chique today, but it did not stop the dancing. Neither of us missed a tanda, we danced solid from four until almost eight. It just gets better, unfortunately, I do not. I was flagging considerably by the end and sat out the last tanda. It was just too much and I called time. I think Viv would have carried on, but we paid our bill and left.

La Bruja did it again; last night she said to me “Not seen the dutch girl, the one who sold clothes” So Guess who turned up today in Nuevo Chique? I tell you it is scary how often she does this.

We were tired and hungry so we stopped at Vittorio for a coffee and medialuna. There is no WiFi here but I can pick up a weak signal from across the road. I received a message from home that a friend had died.  It was not totally unexpected, but sad news just the same. We will miss the funeral but sent our thoughts.

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