Tarrifa Dos

I only wanted a few things today from the fruit shop. As I entered I was followed by a girl, sort of miniature version of the proprietor and she started to serve me. I guess she must be the daughter. I have never seen her before, and I just thought how cute she was. I suppose that the boss lady is still cute but in a slightly larger way. My total today came to $95 hardly worth the trouble but they are always so cheerful and friendly, I always feel like giving them more.

A guy from the electric company was outside today, well a whole group and a truck with a hoist. They took the pole out opposite us and replaced it with another. It looked a bit rusty and possibly in need of paint, but I could see no good reason to change it. On a side note; because it was rusty looking we had thought it wooden. So the guy working off a fiberglass ladder on live cables, was not actually insulated from earth. He must have thick skin, one jolt at that height and he would be dead.

So, Salon Canning again today. We do not bother arriving on the dot, but even though we were half an hour in it was all but deserted. Pauline and Geoff were there but almost no one we knew. After the excesses of yesterday I was not too bothered. I had a few good dances and later on so did Viv, but afterwards when the rock and roll came on we did a couple of jives and hit the street.

There are a couple of new bars on Lavalleja y Gorriti so we stopped for a beer. It was too early to eat so we had some Porter and a bowl of peanuts. It was only $100 a pint here, and Viv could not understand why I wanted to stay.

Then we walked down Lavalleja to The Taco Box again. The service here is second to non and the food is exceptional. More beer and enough food to stuff two pigs only $1200. You have to patronize a place like this.

Two lots of beer and Viv was getting a bit loud by the time we got back. She saw some nectarines in a shop so we bought two $112. I think we were ripped off, I bought two this morning from our regular shop, a potato and three bananas for $95. Must be tarrifa dos after ten at night. still it is only a pound when all is said and done.

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