Maria’s Birthday at Beso

I had a call from Philippe this morning saying he was coming, then later another saying he was not. So I went to have my hair cut. On the way I passed the building two doors down that they are demolishing. They seem to be removing a lot of materials wood and other fittings. I thought that they would have been long gone, like all things here, this could be a long process.

I walked up to Urban Cut’s he other side of Corrientes. On the window it said men’s cut $180. It has been that price for at least four years to my knowledge. That is less than £2 at today’s rate. I did not expect it to be that now, maybe $500. Still I went in and waited. There was one other man waiting, but the guy was busy with a girl having highlights done. When she was thorougly plastered, he left her to cook and called the other man who was waiting. He wanted grade zero all over, he could have done that at home with a razor, still not for me to question how other people spend their money. I never heard how much he paid nor did I see.

So it was my turn. I told him grade four back and sides and scissor trim on the top. He started silently, I guess he did not know how much I could speak and I am never that good at small talk. Soon however we got onto how cold Europe is, the economy, and the difficulties of living here. All good practice for me and on safe easy subjects. Soon he had finished, asked me if it was short enough, I said it was fine and he told me it was $180. I found it hard to believe, I have been paying this for four years. I gave him $200, last of the big tippers, well that is nearly 20p. I think that maybe next time I should give him more, but worry about seeming like an arrogant foreigner.

When I got back Philippe called again, and he arrived with Walter. I showed them all the improvements I have made and talked with Walter about next year, and then they left again. We are always on a year to year basis, but I think we will have plenty of notice if Walter does not want to stay. If that happens, I think we will just come back again in the spring.

Off to El Beso again today. Many of the locals are abandoning it because it is not Ellie. Same DJ, same venue, same staff. I just do not get it. Anyway we had a great time. Miguel (The waiter) has now taken to leaving me a drink and reserving my spot for me. It is worth tipping well, it seems.

For the first two hours Viv never missed a dance, but then it was time for Maria’s birthday.  Fraid I took the biggest piece of cake. Well I gave everyone else a chance and it had a strawberry on it. Fito took the other piece with a strawberry, so I was left with no choice.

I did a couple of dances with Maria, and every time she filled my glass with Champagne. I think she was trying to get me drunk. She wanted to order some black beer as well, but by then Viv was making moves.  I danced with all my favourites including two with Christina. and many with Teresa. By seven the numbers were dropping and we left for The coffee Store, but not before a Chacarera with Teresa. I think we wowed them.

I did not really want the medialuna with my coffee, I was full up with Cake, but I ate it anyway. It fueled me up for the walk home, supper would be some time later on the balcony.

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