Just no leaving Consegrados

The daily shopping trip involved the butchers again today, this time though I was armed with some small notes so $209 was less of a problem. I had change then as well for the fruit lady. As I get the hang of it each year inflation kicks in and everything changes.  When I got back Viv asked what happened to the change she put in my shirt pocket, with a peso now being worth little more than a penny, I was not too bothered.

I had a trip upstairs to the laundry room. (Never had washing machines and is now a junk store, do try and keep up) My tins of paint were buried under the stuff from the painters. Had I known I would have used their grey for the chairs. The paint cost me little, but most of it remains unused, and I hate waste. The thing that struck me though, was it was all dumped in a pile. The paint, the brushes, the ropes and their harnesses. When you are hanging off a building, your life depends on these ropes.  To treat them in such a cavalier manner, to me, is madness.

Spent the rest of the morning touching up the paintwork, to make the place nice for our tenant.

So off again to Los Consegrados. There seems to have been a quantum shift here, neither of us stopped dancing until the cumbia came on at 8:30. I was ready to leave earlier, but Viv was having such a good time, it was not going to happen. We both danced with some new people tonight. Hopefully they will be future partners as well.

Afterwards we left for 1810. We decided to just have a variety of empanadas and a salad tonight. The cottage pie looked tempting as well, although that is not what they called it. No litre bottles of beer though so the four porrones bumped the price up. Still can’t complain at £15 for a meal for two with drinks.

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