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Chasing the beggars

My daily shopping trip was over in a flash today. Needed some fruit and eggs, well the fruiteria has eggs, so it was a quick in and out. Trouble is they wrap them in newspaper and I cracked one putting them down. Biggest eggs you’ve ever seen though, they will not fit in our egg rack.

Off to El Abrazo again today as it is Friday. Trouble is we are late and there are no seats to be had, only at the far end of the mirror. We sat a seat away from each other and understandably it started badly for Viv. I can, of course just go a wandering. While I was dancing Maria came in and Zoraida found here a seat. I stopped my dance and asked her if she could find one for Viv. I am not so sure she was happy moving but she seemed to get plenty of dances for a while.

I managed to get a dance with my Russian today and some other ladies that I have missed for a while. I did a double cabeceo when I got the Russian up So I promised the next dance to the German lady next to her. Then, wouldn’t you know it a Pugliese tanda came on. I was committed. The room was crowded and there were lots of fancy moves going on. I have to say, it was not her fault, but it was definitely not my favourite tanda.

When it came time for the sorteo Viv had already left, and I had a confusing time with the girl over paying for the drinks. I only paid for mine and found out later that Viv had actually paid. Then it was over to The Coffee Store again. We are getting hassled more and more by beggars these days but Viv felt sorry for one in particular and ran after him with some pesos.

Then it was the walk home via a couple of panaderias. You can never get all you want from one place, but we have learned which ones have which product. We also stopped again at Farmacity, Viv wanted some antiseptic cream. So I said to the girl “Hay crema antiseptico?” Blank look. Viv got the dictionary out, but before she found it, the penny dropped and she handed me crema antiseptico. The girl actually spoke English and I think she understood our English better. It just amazes me, the locals do not open their mouths and mumble everything, yet they never understand me.

At the till, again we paid and the guy said something about para llevar. He does this every time we are here and, every time I have not a clue. Obviously I am taking it away, so what he is asking is anyone’s guess.

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