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Chicken a la Cresta

Well after spending half an hour checking what other pagofacil offices were close. My regular office was open today and I paid with no problem. there was even only a short queue. Stopped in Goji on the way back, they seem to be pushing the pre packed oats. $95 for half kilo as apposed to $100 per kilo. Today it was in bags of 505 grams. $50.5 a bag, they are not fooling me, I bought two bags and gave the girl $101.

Nuevo Chique again today. I was getting fed up of being in no mans land, so when Marcela showed me my seat I said to her that on Tuesday half those seats were empty and I did not want to sit down here again. She said something along the lines of “They will kill me” and I got a much better seat.  Vicky then said something to Marcela when she saw me. I thought for one moment I was going to be moved, but it never happened. While I was up dancing later I saw some guy looking at my towel and talking to the guys around, but he just took one of the front seats and we all carried on.

I think Viv struggled a bit today, but I was having a great time, now that I could see all the ladies. There was a plethora of women today, too many women, not enough time again. My gitana russa turned up today, we acknowledged each other, but by the time I was able dance with her she left. You see even though I now had a better seat, there were still some ladies I could not cabeceo. Later on some of those on the front row had left and I could then see the others, but often too late.

Viv had got in a strop over some missed dance and that was when we finished. So we left took our bus home and headed for El Imaginario. She still wanted coffee though so we stopped at Martinez on the corner of Bulnes and Corrientes.  We never made Imaginario though, there was, unusually, no queue at La Cresta. So Viv decided we would have half a chicken and take it home. Fortunately I had some cans in the fridge so all was not lost.

We finished the night watching one of the films I had recorded at home. I don’t know why I recorded this one, it was all in Arabic, it had no real storyline and not proper ending. People were arrested, locked in a van, driven around and it ended in chaos. Who lived, and who died, and who if any escaped, is all left to your imagination.

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