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Don’t encourage the drunks

Today I need to polish the mesita in the lounge. There is a tangle of cables underneath it, caused by the multi block that will ft the euro plugs and the other one for the UK plugs. So I have decided to mount them on a piece of wood. The first problem is to cut the wood. I only have a junior hacksaw here, so it is a long slow process and, of course it will not go all the way through. So I have to cut from four directions. There was not to much step in the cuts in the end. I then trimmed with a Stanley knife and then sand paper. Took me best part of the morning. With a rest in the middle to go to the chino.

Next I tried to screw the multi block to the board. You need no6 screws and the longest I have are 35mm. They barely stick out, so will not go into the wood. The UK block has no mounting points, and it disassembles from the back. Why is nothing easy? I ask. In the end I use the brown silicon mastic I have. I just hope I never need to take it apart again.

When I am putting everything back, I notice a socket behind the sofa. It would be nice to plug my new board in to this, but the cable is too short now. What did I just say?  I just hope I never need to take it apart again. Doh.

Canning again today was very quiet. We sat talking to the Australians, but every time we wanted to dance we managed it. We both enjoyed it much more with no pressure to dance and come time to leave we were both contented.

We went to Taco Box again. We had the same girl serving us and again enjoyed the food. We had a mixed dish this time, perhaps not as good at the fajitas last week but we enjoyed it just the same along with out Rojo beer.  We passed adrunk street person on the way up Gascon, he was encouraging us to pass. Well that is what we intended.

When we got to Cordoba, I realized I had left my shoe bag. Viv was not ready to walk back again, so when she had checked that she had her keys I left her to go home alone. On the way back I was again accosted by the drunk. He was asking if I was on vacation, I thought better of engaging with him and just passed.

The girl knew exactly why I was back and I was soon on my way again. This time however I crossed Gascon, I had no desire to get into conversation with the drunk.

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