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Casa Galicia

Yesterday, we went to El Beso again. New organizer Quique Carmargo has taken over from Eli. We think she lost too much money over Christmas, but will never know the true story. It does not alter much whoever is in charge, but today there were few of my favourites here. I think Viv did ok though until after five, then we were soon ready to go. 6:30 and we were out to The Coffee Store, and then a walk home.

The electricity bill finally arrived today. So now I have the gas and electric it is worth going to pay.  It is Summer in Buenos Aires and, of course, it is raining. I have my trusty umbrella, but still have to dodge the puddles and the others with umbrellas, not looking where they are going. Some of the pavements have smooth tiles and they are a death trap. Some have broken tiles and squirt water up you leg when you tread on them. So I was glad that I could walk straight in, no queue at the Pagofacil. There is, of course, always a reason.  “No hay sistema” the notice said. I was not about to go searching for another place to pay in the rain. So I gave up and went to the chino to stock up on wine and beer for tonight.

In Nuevo chique I was again left in no mans land, but by the time I had put down my umbrella and shoes and the bag containing the booze, I was not for moving. When I danced with Paloma I said that I had two bottles of Malbec, she asked my why. Then the penny dropped; I had assume we were going back to her place for food, instead we were going upstairs in Casa Galicia. So After carrying the booze all the way here, I would have to carry it all the way home.

After the dancing we went upstairs, I have been told about this restaurant but have never been so this was a new experience. As this was a belated birthday celebration, we started with a glass of champagne. We were unsure of the portion sizes so we both had a chicken dish. You always know, more or less, how big a quarter chicken is. Paloma and Hubert shared a Bife de lomo. Our Chicken was delicious, but I think we had a bit of plate envy with the Bife de lomo. I am still not sure one would have been enough for us though. It was nice to share a bottle of wine as well.

We may well come back here again.

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