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Viv has ordered a rest day again, so before I get cabin fever, I set out for a walk.

I thought I would check out Plaza Almagro, but, unusually there was nothing happening there. I carried on walking along Bulnes. When I got to Bartolome Mitre I turned left. It was in one of these buildings we used to go for lessons with Juan. Long ago now and I cannot remember which one it was.

As I passed Juean Jaures things got difficult, the pavement disappeared and there were a number of buses coming through.  At the end of this anti pedestrian section it opened up again and I found myself in a memorial Garden for the Victims of the Cromañon disaster. 12Dec 2004, 194 people killed and about 1,500 injured when the Nightclub Republica Cromañon burned down.

You can read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rep%C3%BAblica_Croma%C3%B1%C3%B3n_nightclub_fire

After my little walk, Viv decided she wanted to go out now so we set out for Augustus. They were not actually closed, but the chairs were all on the tables and they were flushing out the floor. (The best way I can describe it. They throw lots of water down and then squeegee it out of the door). So we went, instead to Naranja y flor. Very nice torte, but I could not eat a whole one, so we shared.

Viv was still not happy, “We should go to the Abasto ” she said. Now when a woman says “you will be safe, I have not brought any money out with me” IT IS A TRICK. She just ended up spending mine. Funny how many things you did not know you needed.

I can’t complain too much, the prices now are cheap. When it was $15 to the pound we never came in here but at $95, well suddenly it does not seem so expensive. And we have that back steak for later.

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