Cervesa Negra, no hay

They are cutting up the pavement outside our apartment again. No Goggles, no dust mask, no gloves, but he has a hard hat on, so that is OK then. I find it strange that they have not realized how much of their economy is wasted cutting up the roads then repairing them and treating the injuries resulting from this. And they look at me strange when I will not walk through the thick cloud of silicosis inducing dust.

Trying to do some serious work here, but the power keeps going off. Is it anything to do with the workmen outside? I ask. Probably but you will never know.

Off to El Beso again today. When we get there the place is packed. It is difficult to get dances and we have trouble getting seats. Worse when I had been there half an hour Diego moved me as the table should have been reserved. So I ended up in dead mans cove, no way to get a dance without wandering around, at least Viv was not doing so badly today. I was also having trouble with my knee. So the only dances I get are not the best and they take their toll on me. By six I was ready to leave, but Viv said wait another half hour. Mariela and Philippe arrived and I had a nice dance with Mariela, but my heart was not in it.

Then the silly stuff came on followed by a demo. Seems that everyone was here to see the Japanese world champions, I shall reserve comment. First chance and I was out of there and over to the coffee store. Philippe and Mariela did not stay long, because they were out while we sat outside. We said goodbye again and watched them disappear down Riobamba on the motor bike.

We walked back, as is our way, and stopped of at the Farmacy and Goji, the dietetica. We had passed Alcala to get to Goji, but I decided that tomorrow would be better for our steak. So we went back to Kentucky, we sat perusing the menu and decided to have the barbacoa and a bottle of stout. When we finally got a waiter, he seemed not to understand stout so we tried negra, again the blank look, So we pointed it out on the menu, “Negro no hay” He said. I am now starting to believe the “No entiendo” is just a ploy, so I said to Viv “let’s go”. “Well where now” she said “Let’s try La Continental”

So as we entered La Continental, Viv said “What if they do not have black beer?” and “It comes to something when you change restaurants when they do not have the beer you like”. To me it is all about choice, if they have it on the menu, then in most cases they should have it, not just the odd time, if you are lucky.

Anyway, we asked first “Hay cervesa Negra?” and when we got a “si” we ordered the bolonesa. It was a bit sloppy for our liking but for £6 a good feast. No wonder there are so many fat people around here.

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