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Coto not for everyone

Up early again, there is no sense to it. Then Viv drags me kicking and screaming to Coto. I have always hated this supermarket, long queues and you never find what you want.

Today though we managed to find a shoe rack that was perfect. So Viv bought some rubber gloves to make the queuing more worthwhile. Well when we got there , there was an empty till. So we got what we wanted and we did not have to queue. I still hate the place though.

Well it’s off to Nuevo Chique again today. It was an odd day, the men outnumbered the women and the men are not used to it. I had a couple of false cabeceos. When there are this few women all you can do is sit down again as quickly as possible. One man did not seem to appreciate this; I managed to cabeceo Angie, but when I got over there another man had beaten me to it. In fairness to Angie she told him she had already agreed to dance with me. He would not sit down though and held her had aggressively. I was worried for a while he was a big bloke, and the sort who shakes your hand with a grip to tell you how strong he is. Eventually he realized he was embarrassing himself and sat down. He was sat in the next but one seat to me and made a point of moving the seat between us to make it awkward for me to move. I just thought him very childish, but he never looked my way again.

We had a thoroughly good time again, Viv never missed a tanda, of course, I  missed one or two, but it is rare for a man to miss. So I was not too unhappy and just accepted it as one of those days.

When we left I said goodbye to out big friend. He grudgingly acknowledged me, but I was not letting it carry on. I just hope it is forgotten, we are here to enjoy ourselves, not to feud.

We stopped for a coffee before our return journey. Just as well because the bus was packed I needed a break before that.

We walked to the old lady (Guarda la vieja) but it was packed out and people were queuing in the street. This was not for us so we went back to Imaginario again for omelette salad and papas Imaginario. It was getting quite late by the time we had finished.

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