An Excellent day

After a long sleep, you would think we would be up early and ready to go. No chance. Even though Canning is later than other milongas we had little time to do much else.

I picked up Vivs shoes from El Bosque. I am becoming quite a regular there now. My next mission was to recover the vacuum cleaner from the shop on Medrano. I was accosted by a beggar outside the church, but I will not get my money out in public. There was, it seems no fault on the cleaner, but after all the breakers going, I was reluctant to plug it in again. He charged me $140 for some new filters, I don’t think there was anything in there for the test. Still it makes me want to come back.

I had to pass the beggar again on the way back. I was ready this time and dropped him $40. It sounds a lot but it is only 40p and he seemed grateful. Since reading A Street Cat Named Bob I do look more sympathetically on street people.

I had a further trip out for some washing powder and bread. The chino did not have our favorite bread so I went to the Fiambraria further up Salguero. I know how to deal with this now; ignore the ticket machines, pick up loaf, pass by all the queues and go straight to the till. The girl on the till is the same one who used to be in Nuevo Escotia (The Big place now closed, that also had a butchers) but she does not seem to remember me. Getting out was a problem though, all the queues and a guy coming in with a sack truck. I said to him “Necesito ser flaco” not sure how good my grammar was, but he laughed anyway.

There was still some time to spare, so I did some repairs to the bathroom door and went out again to the chino. Our lamp in the bedroom has four bulbs, one different, one out, and one rapidly failing.  I tried to get three like the odd one, but no such luck, I went instead for four similar ones. At the till, he who sees all spotted that one was different. The girl said that they were all the same price, but I wanted them all the same, so she let me change it.

So now with everything shipshape we set off for Canning. The tall dutch couple Ingrid and Jaap were in front of us as we paid, and we were put seated close to them. So from where we were seated we could talk. The place was all but empty when we arrived, even though it was half an hour into the milonga. So we chatted; I found out that they have been coming twenty five years, and I thought that we were old hands. I also discovered that they are staying in the House of Vicky and Rob. Apparently they have known Rob for many years before they came here.

The numbers were down all afternoon. Even though I had problems finding women to dance with we had a great time. There was even a steady trickle of men that Viv knew arriving all afternoon. So the floor was never crowded, there were no Cirque de Soley dancers and we just kept going. Erwin played some wonderful music, nothing off the wall, but somehow it sounded better different.

Then at seven thirty they start the rock and roll and tropical. It was time to go. Two or three years ago we sat in a bar on Gascon watching them restoring an old building opposite. Well that building is now Taco Box so I thought we would give it a try. Usual problem though “ocho” but they had seats outside and we had an unfinished water from Canning, so we were content for ten minutes or so.

The food, I think, was the best we have tasted in Buenos Aires. So To sum up; Good dancing, jobs sorted and excellent food. Oh and did I mention Black Beer? An Excellent Day.

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