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El Beso is back

Today I have to pay my expensas. Philippe was on the phone early, he was doing his accounts and wanted to know when I had last paid the electric, I know not why. He wished me luck on my mission.

At the bank, the two queues were merging into one. There was some confusion, then one lady stood in front of the queue out of turn. The lady behind me put her right. There was another lady in front of me, who I suspected was also out of turn, but I am in no hurry. When the next machine came free she told me to go.

Now, here we go, I started with my written instructions. The machines now do pay out as well so the first two operations were new to me. Well I passed that test. It all went swimmingly until I put the money in. It would not take it. I turned the money the other way. Still it did not recognize the notes. I turned them upside down. Then it crashed me out. “We do not recognize your money” is sort of what it said. I went through the whole thing again. Same result, then I had inspiration, I put the notes in sideways, result. That was it now my money is off somewhere in the great ether. I just hope it is heading the right way through hyperspace.

At the chino today, I had to pay with a $1,000 note. I said to the girl that when I first came we had $100 notes worth £20 now $1,000 is worth £10. She just gave me that resigned look I get here whenever I mention inflation.

Off to El Beso today, we are assured it will be on and have power and air conditioning. Been coming here too long, I will believe it when I see it. On the way though I have to test a spare SUBE card. First pass it will not register, so I try another gate. I have had trouble before with this gate, so I am not too concerned. It lets me through the next gate but it is showing minus 30 peso. I must charge it before lending it. The subte will let you go to minus 40 and the fare is 19 so it will be of no further use until it is charged.

True to their word El Beso was open and there was air conditioning. The events of the past week were plain to see, the numbers were right down. I had problems getting dances, but as is often the case, an empty room suits Viv. I did get to dance with the lady I upset at Lo de Celia though. I had to go and seek her out and apologize, but she seemed unfazed. I even had a second dance later. I did have a lot of second dances today. I told Teresa if we had another we would be married.

We managed four hours of dancing today. Numbers may have been down but we still had good dancing. I think that maybe not being up on the first note meant I lasted longer, or maybe not.

Afterwards we had our usual ritual at The Coffee Store, before walking home again.

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