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Pants, at a penny a peso

Wouldn’t you know it? The one day we could lie in bed all day I was up at six thirty. Sunday is supposed to be a rest day so after some toast and coffee, it is time to work.

First I have some more sealing to do around the bath. This takes no time at all, then I must wait for Viv to clean around the dining area, before I can paint.  I had grabbed some newspapers out of the recycling bin, but as always, they were not enough. I removed the seat bases and then painted the chairs. Again this did not take long and it had almost no effect on the tin of paint. It was as I expected, but I could not get a smaller tin, so it will just have to be stored away for again, or until it goes off.

Only Vivs fan to repair now and I am free for the day. We then set off for Palermo, but Viv had the munchies so we had to go via Augustus on Medrano. Viv was insistant it would be cheaper than Palermo for a Coffee here. She is right, of course, but at a penny to a peso, it is academic. Still we had the promo again two media lunas and a sticky custard filled factura each. It was too much for us so Viv squirreled away two of the medialunas for later consumption.

Wandering around Palermo Viv found some pants she liked. As I said at a penny to a peso, these are charity shop prices, so she bought two pairs. Then it was back to Plaza Serrano to soak up the sun and drink beer. Best part of Sunday for me. After the beer Viv got the munchies again, but we had those medialunas in stock.

The wrap around skirts I put her off buying were nowhere to be found this week, maybe she had given up trying to sell them at UK prices. We looked in several shops on the way back, but there was one that looked like Habitat. It was short on soft furnishings and household linens, but we checked out the chairs. They looked comfy but the price was ridiculous. £450 or there about for a single chair. And to think we wondered why nobody else was in the shop. There were four staff at the back, and they looked ready to pounce time to beat a hasty retreat.

Bought some more ice cream later, I still think it is expensive, £10 for two kilos, but it is nice. Also I have an almost empty freezer. The guy still looks at me strange when I say I want a kilo of vanilla, here they mix about three or four flavours even in a quarter.

Well tonight we have Viv’s bolognese on the balcony. Followed of course by ice cream.



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