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Viv fuses the power.

Usually I write as the day goes on, but today I never got the chance. As I was getting my shower, ready to go out, the water went cold and I heard Viv curse. She had plugged the vacuum cleaner in and fused the place.  I told her how to reset but it was having no effect. After my cold shower I investigated, she must have taken out the main breaker downstairs. Apparently I am an obnoxious old git for blaming her, but why she needs to vacuum when we are going out, is anyones guess.

I dressed and went downstairs. The door to the utility area is locked, I think because it gives access to the garage. I went to Sebastian’s flat but got no reply, only the pleading  sounds of his cat. Viv would have to have a cold shower as well. I taped a note on his door, I just hoped that he could understand my wittering pigeon Spanish.

El Beso today was yet again a different crowd. There were a few of the old El Arranque crowd there for me and some of Viv’s old men. We both danced pretty constantly for the first hour and a half. Then it started getting difficult. When I miss the first track you know it will not be long before I start missing tandas. It was hot, the power was now back on but for some reason the air conditioning was not working. Men were sitting out and the women were not happy, you would think then that they would try a new man. Logic does not work here.

After about four tandas that Viv and I did together, we decided to call it a day. Then the chacarera came on, one last splurge before we left. We did have nearly three hours of dancing, so not too bad.

We walked up Corrientes and stopped at Alcala. There was no point in going back as we did not know if we had power, so we enjoyed a black beer and an early meal. Viv had wanted to try the Aroz con Pollo and I fancied some pasta. Viv was disappointed. They are not too choosy which bits of the chicken they put in, but we shared a salad and that was good.

We need not have worried, the power was back on when we returned, my pigeon Spanish must have been OK and Sebastian came through.


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