Happy New decade

Viv sent me for the daily shop. Thought we would try some picada (minced beef) today. I guess it is quiet at the butchers counter. He kept me chatting for some time. $130 for half a kilo of mince and fifteen minutes of Spanish practice, today’s value.

After the veg I went over to Naranja y Flor, Viv had seen some cheesy bread rolls. You can tell it’s a fiesta, the place was packed. Well I could not see them from this far back and the girl was asking what I wanted, well it makes me use my Spanish ” Hay pancitos de queso? ” I asked. “No” was the reply, so that was that then.

I walked up Bulnes to the Panedaria there. Again I had to ask, the girl looked blank, but an older lady pointed me to the pan dulce. These were not bread rolls but more like flat bread. They looked a bit dry and pastry like to me, but nothing ventured, I tried them.

Back at home and Viv was not impressed either. We tried one and it was not half bad, no way to butter them though.

This shopping lark is easy, but I wish she would decide what she wants. I was sent out again for some media lunas for the morning. Of course by three thirty all the shelves were bare. I made the mistake of asking for Medialunas dulce and I got a long story about duche de leche. They have, grasa and they have manteca, the manteca are the sweet ones. Anyway I got what I wanted and even a quarter of escones de queso. not bad for two quid. I asked for “Una quartito” and there was no confusion this time. See, I am learning.

Most venues were closed so we were off to Salon Canning, Paracultural. We were meeting up with our Dutch friends Ton and Ada. They brought a giant plate of food and gave us some excellent company for the night.

We miss timed the new year somewhat, but to my estimation it should be at six tomorrow. You see the year is an orbital event and a day is rotational. So as the year is 365 and a quarter days and this is the third year from a leap year so we should celebrate at 365 and three quarters.  (stop me if I am rambling).

Anyway being old buggers we had enough by half one, Ton and Ada left for the bus and we walked back to Castle Salguero. Sleep comes easy after a late night and beer.

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  1. Irene

    Feliz Año Nuevo Rob y Viv.
    Thanks again for all your blogs Rob. As always we are enjoying them so much.
    Besos. Xxx. Irene y Philip.

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