Back to 1810

We seem to get up later every day. I am starting to wonder, at what point will we miss a day completely?

My daily routine now involves walking down Salgureo through Rauch crossing Medrano and then through Rocamora. On finding that the welder man is not there walking back again, usually via the chino for something that Viv has asked me to get. I don’t know what I will do with myself when I finally get my chair back. This morning though I met Sebastian’s wife Maria at the door. She was with her daughter and carrying a cat basket. It appears they have purchased a kitten. It is a cute little thing, but they have not yet named it.

Saturday and it is Los Consegrados. We arrive a little later today but it is no problem, only us extranjeros arrive anywhere early. The dancing goes in phases, when Viv was doing well I was not and visa versa. It was never bad for me and Viv was having a good time too. I had a young American guy sitting by me, he was struggling. I told him that as he was not known he should walk around, many of the ladies would have trouble seeing him. He did not take my advice, at least while I was still there. He still thinks he must cabeceo from his seat.

Just after eight we left, and wouldn’t you know it, Tango Negro was playing.  Now am I the only husband whose wife  rushes ahead, and then says “I was following you”? At the front of the building I head off to the right, meanwhile Viv is being accosted by a Remis Driver.  She said she only told him she did not need a car, but it looked a long conversation to me. All my fault again, apparently.

We took the subte to Catedral and Joined the D line, then on to Scalabrini Ortiz.  I found my way easily, but ease can be deceptive. We wanted Julian Alverez to get to 1810 but it turned out we were on Aroaz. Fortunately when we found out we were only one block from our destination.

The food was good as always. It is not the cheapest, but compared to UK prices it is still good, and worth it. Still less than £20 with beer and tip.

We walked back looking for Cafe Vinilo. Turns out I was the right side Of Salguero all along, wrong Street. It was on Gorriti not Cabrera. Still a wasted journey though, it will be closed until 8th January.

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