No milonga, but plenty of shopping

It’s Sunday and Viv has decreed a rest day. That means she has work for me, still nice to have a lay in and no schedule to follow. I did get sent out in the morning and I diverted to the carniceria in the chino. I asked if he had any Bife de lomo, “no” he said. I have got used to how helpful they are here now “Mañana?” I tried si.  But he could only order me 2 Kilos and it will be $750, £8 may not seem a lot to us, but it is a fortune here. That will do us Christmas day and possibly three others. I must collect it tomorrow after two.

In the afternoon we went for walkabout. First we walked across to Cabrera, Viv wanted to see the whats on at Vinilo. I had it wrong and was a block out so we stopped at Cafe Cortezar for a coffee and check the internet. Interesting place this check it out : Huge range of beers and coffee only £1.

Anyway Vinilo was just across the road but closed and all signs of its existence removed until it is open again. We walked right past it earlier.

We did not get much further when we got the munchies. There is a new bar on the corner of Malerbia called Alibeer or something like. They had an offer Papas con cheddar and two pints $400, well rude not to. We got a portion of onion rings as well for another $150. Thats £7 with tip, it would cost that just for the beer in Chester. Again a huge range of beers and unusually, they gave us the choice of beer with the offer. I am not sure we could choose from the entire range, as some were quite expensive (in comparison) so we had the golden beer.

We wandered around the old market then towards the roundabout at Serrano y Honduras. Viv could not resist looking in Solo Mirando. Funny it is not peak season but I could not get a seat outside, must be locals on holiday. The moped that was always in front is missing. I always wanted to take it away and restore it, now I have missed my opportunity.

We walked back past the welder man, not that I expected him to be there on a Sunday, but it was not out of our way. As expected everything was locked up.

Viv sent me out again later for some apple pie. La Riena was closed so I went to Boulevard on Corrientes, I looked but could see nothing. Now I am getting better at asking “Hay tarta manzana” I asked “Si” she said, and produced this massive apple pie enough to feed the five thousand. So I tried “Hay pociones?” again the affirmative and she put the big pie back and went around the counter. Then she shook her head “no hay” she said, so I left empty handed.  Not for giving up, its not often I get sent out to buy a desert, so I was not about to fail. So I went around the corner to Augustus on Medrano. Viv has often admired the cakes in there and we have been for coffee  a couple of times. Learning now I tried again “Hay tarta manzana pociones?” success. They were bigger and more expensive than I had hoped, but they will do twice. Now to Daniel for a kilo of ice-cream. That is a few future puddings taken care of.



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2 responses to “No milonga, but plenty of shopping

  1. tangobob

    Not really our area, we are in Almagro. Nice to hear from you again. We may check it out, though it will be in the daytime.

  2. Hey Bob, still enjoying reading about your and Viv’s adventures in BsAs. I used to love the cheesecake and the pecan pie from Confiteria del Botanico on the corner of Santa Fe and Republica Arabe Siria, just across the road from Jardin Botanico. A slab of their cheesecake was the perfect apres-milonga food at 4am!

    Ah, those were the days.

    Happy Christmas to you both.

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