Basta la plancha

As it is Sunday, we thought we would have breakfast out, but things here never work to plan. As we leave the building, someone has broken one of the glass panes at the front, with a glass of some sort. There is glass everywhere but fortunately the window is in tact but looking sorry for itself. It is raining heavily so as well as dodging broken glass we have to dodge puddles. At least we have umbrellas.

We walk to Las Almendras on Gascon. They have a bin by the door to leave our umbrellas to drain. We ask the girl for the menu and five minutes to peruse it. I knew what I wanted, but what to drink with it was the problem. When we had decided we called her over again. We asked “Revueltos?” “No hay cocinera ” she replied. Well you would think she would have said when we asked for the menu. So instead of the much anticipated revueltos we had Cafe y medialunas. I am learning to live with disappointment.

We walked up to Corrientes and then back down Salguero. Viv wanted to call into La Reina. It is half a block from Corrientes and I do not like to walk the same way home. We bought some cheese sticks and scones, then called in the chino.

Sebastian was outside the building when we returned. I asked him about the glass, knowing the answer, but it helps get my ear in. Poor Sebastian, he is on holiday tomorrow and things always go wrong when he is away.

Sundays have never gone well since the demise of Fulgor. Last week we tried El Beso and that was just a kindergarten, so this week we are going back to Salon Canning. It looked bad from the start, hardly a recognizable face in the place.  I managed to get a couple of new ladies up, and one extra friendly twice. Viv though got only one dance apart from me. My friendly lady said I should walk around, true that would have got me more dances, but that would not help Viv.

After less than two hours we’d had enough and decided to leave. We tried a couple of bars that we liked, but it seems they don’t open Sunday either. So we looped around to HB, we can always rely on them to be open. Black beer it is then.

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