Bad Books

We had a visit from Philippe this morning. We are always glad to see him, but it threw our schedule out slightly.  I had done the shopping earlier, but it was still a rush when he had left to get ready to go out.

As I said earlier, just when you get fed up, everything turns around. I was still sat way down the room in Nuevo Chique, but not quite so far today. Viv seems to get a different seat every time now as well. There were not many missed tandas today, not for me, and not for Viv.

We both thought that the crowd was different today and the standard of dance was generally lower. Still as we were almost non stop I cannot complain. We danced through until seven thirty, four hours of solid dancing was enough and I hit the wall.

I wanted to see a passageway that I had seen on the net, so we came out a different way to usual. The coffee stop was different and not as good. All the shops in the passageway were now closed, and we spent longer than usual on the subte. So despite having a good afternoon, I am in bad books.



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2 responses to “Bad Books

  1. Bob, carry on with the mood and you will earn from me the title of GOM. It will soon pass several good tandas

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