The days go by

I have been having trouble getting on here of late. When we get the TV for some reason it deletes my passwords. So I am trying again to use the Kindle. This is after all the reason I got it.

Salon Canning went well although we got less dances, but there were fewer people there. I danced twice with a lady I’ve not seen before she was local though. I soon ran out of partners as did Viv.

We missed Graciela’s birthday by being here. It’s a shame, but we are here to dance not for cake.

So we headed out into the heat.It was not yet time to eat here but we thought that a drink would see us until the kitchen opened.

Arev bar was a bit scruffier on the inside, but their kitchen was open. I took a picture of the Welsh scarf that was hanging up. Still not used to this phone, I got about six pictures of locals hiding their faces.

No black beer here so we had the Quilmes Cristal. Unusually I had chicken and Viv the steak. Chips, it seems are extra. We had not long started and the power went off. (Corte de luz) as they say here. Well the food was basic but good. 

There was no till so she did the bill on her calculator. It came to less than 500peso, on our way home we tried to work it out. The only conclusion we could come to was that she had undercharged us.

Today after Nuevo Chique we wanted to see a band in Hypolito Yrigeren but we checked out the place on Tuesday and they said that they are no longer open Thursday. This left me with a logistical nightmare, just trying to contact all the people I had invited. I hope that I can straighten it out today.

In Nuevo Chique I was not allowed my usual seat and along with Willie I was day way down.  People stood up talking and it was all but impossible to cabaceo once the music started. I  can understand that they keep the best seats for the locals but we keep the place going while they are on holiday and I was not happy.

By seven were fed up and went for a coffee. A day without tango tomorrow as The Six Nations rugby 🏉 starts. You will  find me in Sullivan’s bar later.



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3 responses to “The days go by

  1. Isa

    I actually like Quilmes Stout, but it is rarely available in restaurants. At the supermarket I find Imperial IPA and it is excellent value for the money (of course, it depends on where you shop).

  2. tangobob

    I am not a fan of blond beer I prefer a darker beer but if they do not have it I will drink the Cristal. I do think it has more taste than many of out lagers.

  3. Isa

    Quilmes Crystal is the cheapest beer, also because the bottle is smaller, if I am not mistaken. I see it pretty often at restaurants where older people go, to save some money without renouncing a beer. I wish Argentinian took more on tap beer.

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