Galizano to Noja

We set out early again in slightly damp weather but not full rain. We stopped at the end of the cycle path(we had no intention of following it this time) there are seats there and a designated rest area. We had cold coffee and garlic bread from the supermarket, so we managed a breakfast of sorts.

Shortly after Galizano the route splits, it leaves the CA141 and goes south on the CA443. We are not going to Guemes and not really on the Camino now, so we stuck to the CA141.  I hated that route on the both times we have done it, it just dragged and had nothing of interest apart from the Camping los Molinos. The camping was too close to stop so we had no reason to go that way and we could save ourselves 3.5k.

We were on our final turn towards Noja before we got coffee. Funny bar this it had a small room attached which was a tobacconist. So people were coming in for their cigarettes taking away the lady who was supposed to be serving us. A couple came and sat outside with the cutest dog you have ever seen, it looked to us like it had dreadlocks. We called it a Rastadog.

We saw few pilgrims today but we did get some help just outside Noja when we needed it most. We stopped for a coke on the way in at the place we had eaten last time. Two cokes they charged me 3.60euro, so we would not be going back later.

We started looking for accommodation on the way in but were having little luck. I suspected that Hostal Virginia would be full this far in the season. As it turned out I was wrong, they had one room vacated that day the guy said. It was changeover day so we sat outside with a beer while we waited for the room. I had asked if we could stay two nights, so when the owner arrived (we had spoken to his son) he cancelled the room we had been offered and got us a bigger one. I think he was surprised to see us sitting outside drinking beer just like the last time he had seen us about six weeks ago.

We went into town to find a bar to watch the Grand Prix. I found a bar and we sat there and had a beer. I asked for pinchos as we were hungry. The guy said we don’t have pinchos but you can have some cheese or ham and bread. As Viv does not like uncooked cheese we asked for both. The staff changed while we watched the race and when we asked for the bill it was 41euros. I was annoyed and was not going to pay but Viv did not want a scene. It put a damper on my whole day. When we went across the square for an Ice Cream I could not face one, not like me to deny myself, but I was just too annoyed.

We had breakfast in a local café and it cost  4euro each, but the guy charged me 10 because that was how much the items came to individually. I was not having this and pointed to the menu outside, made him give me 2euro back.

There is a fountain in the square, a paved area with the jets coming out between the flags. The weather is hotter now and the local kids were all playing in the spray. We ate in the square salad and empanadas from the supermarket, had enough of being ripped off .

We walked around the coast towards Ris. Not very friendly here with fences right up to the cliff edge and no admittance signs. We found a large village green with a bar in the middle. It was hot so we had cokes, then an ice cream, before we walked back.

Signs of erosion here and a village lost to the sea. The tide was now in and one of the old buildings had now formed a pool that seemed very popular with local Kids. They had floated a large log inside as a means to get out of the water, as the walls were otherwise too high.

We booked tomorrows breakfast in the Hostal for tomorrow, it is only 4euro. Not a long walk tomorrow so we can start a bit later.


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