Santillana del Mar to Galizano

I thought that we should leave Santillana by going down through the village,  the GPS had other ideas. For once the GPS was actually taking us along the Camino route, so we were  ok with it. We looped under and over the main road, unable to join because of the way the junctions worked. Eventually joining it by a roundabout. We were now on the route that the Spanish guy had tried to get us to follow. There was an incredible amount of places to stay along here, mainly Posadas. We eventually found coffee at a place called Oruña. A busy bar full of game machines and TVs. There was also an albergue here as well, funny that again there is no mention of this place in the book.

Not much further on is Barreda. We had intended to walk to Requejada less than 2k further on, but there was a big station here so we decided to get the train from here. The walk from Requejada to Santander is boring and mostly industrial and as we have done this twice before I thought we would take the train. It cost us 5.4euro for basically a days walking, so why not?

While we were at the station we did see a pilgrim get off the train from Santander. Not really the done thing if you are going for a Compostella. While we were on the train the rain came in and it was hammering down by the time we got to Santander. I had blown any chance of using the albergue in town and again the tourist information was useless. So we wandered around with the map, by the third complet we were ready to give up. Some guy helped us and took us to another pension, trouble was, that too was complet.

In the rain we took the ferry to Somo. There we stopped for an egg bacon and cheese butty. We may have left puddles everywhere but that butty was great. There were a few places in Somo but the prices were just too high for us so we moved on. We followed the road for a while, then headed towards the coast, following signs for a camp site, but the campsite had no chalets and we moved on. We got a bit lost here, neither on the coastal path or the main road. Fortunately this was not a long day so I was not too bothered.

Viv would not go to the albergue at Guemes so we stopped again at Galizano. The room did not seem as bad as last time, whether that was because our expectations were lower or it was just a better room, I don’t know. Unusually the price here had not gone up with the season but we still had no shower curtain.

We sat in La Biela 43 drinking beers and watching the formula one quali  but not food until ocho again. The burger La Biela was a meal in itself but I would have enjoyed it more if I had it earlier.

There had been an article in the papers about a woman complaining about too many Spaniards in Benidorm. By the time we had our burgers I knew exactly how she felt, the place was full of children running around and their noisy parents. It is as well we go to bed early when we are walking, but we could still hear them from our room.



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