Aviles to Gijon

In the morning the fantastic weather was over and still no sign of our laundry, time for some investigation. I went through the other rooms and found our stuff hanging out on a line, now soaking wet. Worst of all one of my shirts was on the floor down below, there was no way to access this yard it was full of rubbish and obviously unused.  Well we had most of our stuff back and avoided paying for the wash, but I was now down to one shirt.

We found a lavanderia where we could dry the washing so we saved nothing, we could not travel with everything wet.

Had some hard days and it was pretty industrialised from here. Also we had wasted the best hours of the day with the washing, so I had no guilty feelings of taking the train to Gijon.

The journey was smooth fast, and compared to UK very cheap. I also got a chance to practice my Spanish pronunciation as every station was announced I tried repeating the names. When we got to Gijon I set the GPS and it took us toward the beach.

We stopped at a café on the corner, well actually four corners. We were amused to watch the waiters running across the road from the bar to where we were sitting then to the other bar. It was a very odd set up but did monopolise the best positions.

At the from found the Hostal Mason that was in the book, but this was closed and did not look likely to open again any time soon. The Hotel across the road wanted 85 euros a night. So we headed across towards the other beach where we found Hostal Gonzales. A rambling set of rooms where we were greeted by an old lady who spoke no English but was determined not to let me speak Spanish. I was unsure whether or not we had a room when we left and Viv was not happy that we had left the bags.

We went off for a coffee and came back in ten minutes as directed. We had a small room down a long corridor with a sink and shared bathroom. Not exactly luxury but at 24 euros could not complain.

We sat in the square with a drink then set off to explore. Gave a tip to a man with a piano accordion, but Viv would not get up to dance. Looked around and found a sports shop but it was closed for siesta. So we crossed the road for another drink. Mike Ashley this was not, the stuff in here was expensive but I was desperate for a shirt.

So after waiting an hour for the sports shop to open we went for food. Kitchen Open all day the notice said, inside they said ocho. So we went to Subway.

Later we had a walk around the old fortifications, I could not get Viv interested “They are just old buildings” she said.




They lie, No hay comida hasta ocho.

Fantastic defensive positions


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