San Martin de Oscos To Vegadeo.

We did not sleep well, but did manage a bit. The dawn woke us though and we were on our way by five thirty. Despite lack of sleep and despite lack of coffee we seemed to make a good pace. We passed through two villages without life then we saw a sign for Villanova 7k, the GPS was now showing 66k to go. The route seemed to go round in a circle back the way we had come. I was in despair and after a way out, any way would do.

No bars were open but there was a rest stop with benches, then we saw the patron of a local hotel seeing off some guests. Worth a try, but he too was complet he did take sympathy on us and offered to allow us to use a shower. He had, however a better plan; where we were standing was a bus stop. There was no bus tomorrow (Sunday) but today at 9:30 was a bus to Vigadeo but only one a day. We did not know where that was, but he assured me it was on the camino.

So we had some coffee in his bar and waited for the bus. We had walked 71.3 kilometres since La Mesa. That is just short of 44miles. It was a joy to travel on a bus for a change, even if we did not know where we were going.

Turns out that Vigadeo is at the top of the river that flows out of Ribadeo, and before the bridge was built this was the route that the camino took.

We got off the bus (6euros fare) with no idea where we were. We still thought we were in Ribadeo but Viv spotted apartments across the square, the room was lovely and only 40euro. We were passed caring where we were, just happy to have a bed. It was though more of a suite, we had a large room with rocking chairs a bed settee, a desk and TV. The floor was shiny wood and dropped down into the bedroom. A door at the end out to a shared balcony where we could dry some clothes.

We booked in for two nights and enjoyed a rest. We had a wild goose chase looking for a laundrette, but there was good food here good beer and the locals were friendly.

We spent the next day finding our way around, finding out where we are and just relaxing. Hopefully it will be easier from here,  but just when we thought our luck was turning we got upsetting news from home.

Friendly locals

Our comfortable lodgings


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