Campiello, Hospitales to La Mesa

As I thought breakfast was a bad idea, we would not catch up with the Colombians today. They were an hour up the road and we were an hour late starting.

When we got to Borres the albergue was open for coffee and breakfast so we could well have started at seven and had our breakfast here, now it was gone nine and we had a long day ahead.

The split here is obvious so we had no problem going the right way, but it was a long hard climb. The scenery was stunning though and many were stopped on the grass just admiring the view. We had provisions with us so, we too, stopped to take in the scene and some food. (Obviously not because we were knackered and could go no further uphill.)

At the top I stopped to take photos of the view and the old Hospitales buildings. As we crossed Pico del Palo I hoped that the guy with the van would be there with coffee, but no, there was no sign of him.  We were now headed steadily down hill and the going was easier but there was another climb into Lago. The book says that there is a bar here and there was. I remember he was expensive, taking advantage of the fact that he had no competition. Outside the bar was a group of Spaniards looking confused. They were talking about going back down the hill to look for the bar I pointed to the house behind them and told them that was the bar. I assured them I had been here two years ago and after some milling around, they followed us. I was not sure that was a wise move because we now had a posse after us and maybe more competition for beds.

In Berducedo there was not a bed to be had. The Dutch couple were there and she seemed overjoyed at our predicament. We stopped for a meal as we were unsure if, or when we would get another chance. The Colombians who had two hours on us at the start had not been here long but managed to get beds. There were more albergue further up the village but all were complet. we sat and chatted to the Colombians, this would be the last time we saw them. Not knowing this at the time, we regretted never saying goodbye.

It was another 4.5k to La Mesa and my recollection of the place was, it was not good. They have a new Albergue here very modern and clean. Unfortunately they take advance bookings and were full. What this did mean though was there was room in the municipal albergue and there was drinks and provisions to be had. Two years ago there was nothing here but the municipal albergue  and food only delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.

So after a 33k walk we did not get the best sleep, but at least we had some alcohol to help.

It begins here

The ruins of Hospitales


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